Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to travellers: “We’re not trying to punish people” 1

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to travellers: “We’re not trying to punish people”


With new border measures coming into effect, PM Justin Trudeau said he’s not trying to ‘’punish people” but trying to keep Canadians safe.
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  1. Essential travel? I have not seen my person in a year. A person who is essential to me and my life. And you the government is telling me that this person is not essential …

    1. Bro we’re off the gold standard and it’s been like that since the 60s. It ain’t ever gonna balance it’s self nor the politicians are. The money printer is running and it’s BRRRRRRRRRRRRING

  2. So everyone getting on the plane can prove they’re negative for covid and when they land they have to be tested and go to a “hotel” for 3 days (but they’re negative). Yes…….makes total sense. (To the libs).

    1. @Traveling Gemini Paid covid tests are processed within 24 hrs. I got mine done with Lifelabs the same day. Spending 3 days in the hotel is a joke.

  3. Still hasn’t said where he was from December 21st-Jan 4th when all his officials were on sandy beaches….

  4. “New variants that are being developed..”??? .. WOW, he just admitted it, just like Biden admitted being a part of the “biggest voter fraud ever in American history” lol

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