Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveils new cabinet

CTV's Glen McGregor provides the latest details on Trudeau's cabinet shuffle.

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    1. I think that will happen. I do believe he’s going to resign soon. Just got that feeling. He is a lame duck

    1. No they’re the same thing they’ve always been, its just more apparent now.
      Govern = to control
      Ment = Latin for “mind”
      Govern-ment = mind control

  1. Maybe someday we will have a defence minister that will actually make building up our military, in particular coastal defence, a priority. As it stands now, we are completely incapable of defending our interests in any way.

    1. Our military is hamstrung by the fact that it can’t procure things itself. Public Service and Procurement agency is a behemoth of an agency, procuring everything from warships to kayaks for environment Canada and that is why we have a massive backlog of military procurement needs.

  2. And then they all went to work right away. Wait, they still have 2 months of holiday, because smart Canadians vote for that.

  3. My strong and independent ex wife divorced me due to my disability and stole my Toronto home and therapy dog save yourself men and don’t cohabitate or get married unless you enjoy being falsely accused and automatically charged and put in jail.

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