Prime Minister Trudeau says ‘hostage diplomacy’ puts Canadians at risk


  1. give in now and we will lose all credibility to our security partners around the world and china will do this over everything…

    1. @John Lee exactly. imagine Canada without everything “made in china”…and without them buying up the enormous amounts of Canadian products…. taxes will need to quadruple…

    2. Can’t give into terrorism. No matter what form it is. @john Lee, what are we going to lose more of? Made in china products can be found else where. $ doesnt replace the worlds’ respect & honour.

    3. @P I you’re confusing taxes with profits from private businesses. Canada doesnt sell products directly to the consumer. Try again

    4. Canada already flushed off her last ounce of credibility when she decided to kidnap Ms. Meng !! There is none left.. !!!

  2. What does “we are working very hard” even mean? Thks shud have been resolved last year… so what does that even mean turdeau ?

  3. We need to bring back all our manufacturing domestically, especially in this new economy where we need more jobs.

  4. Look, who would argue for capitulating to China, a hostage taker? Shame on you, no matter what your social standing is.

  5. Take away Meng’s civil rights through an act of parliament and imprison her to the same standards as the two Michaels.

  6. I am so glad the PM stand up to China and don’t let China to bully Canadians . She need to face her consequences, we will not allow China political games that can put others at risk. They need to free up these two innocent men that has been wrongfully detained.

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