Prime Minister Trudeau skips vote on reconciliation motion

First Nations Children and Family Caring Society's Cindy Blackstock says Prime Minister Trudeau's decision was 'really disappointing.'

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  1. Trudeau doesn’t care about real Canadian and destroying Canadian value and Economy
    Trudeau doesn’t care about Canadian veterans and Seniors

    1. @Gassy Gorilla Trudeau claims to care about residential school. Skips vote on same in Parliament.

  2. Of course he did. After all this is the same gut that mocked an indigenous woman with “thanks for the donation”.

    1. Everything…. They are there for their own self interests. Definitely not to run this f’ed up country

  3. Jagmeet Singh made this motion. Every single other party willfully missed this opportunity. If you want action, you know who will give it to you

    1. You mean the guy who called anyone daring to challenge the COVID restrictions “extreme right”? That guy?

      If that’s who you look to for leadership, I’ll take a pass.

    2. A motion is basically a statement. It has no concrete effect on policy. Is that what you call “action”? Showboating for votes?

    3. When will Jazz Meat condemn his buddies who killed 329 (confirmed, unlike the mythical 215 kids) in the Air India bombing?

    1. separation costs Canadians taxpayers millions of dollars, his greedy Sophie loves power and money

    1. 10%…..of the total population of Canuckistan?… very curious, where did you see this figure of 10%?.

  4. A wants B to help defeat C. A: if successful, you’ll be get lots of benefits from me. After C is defeated, B wants the benefits plus more, B starts to act like C. A now regrets his offer: I should have never made the offer, you are much worse than I thought, much worse than C.

  5. So before everyone continues to go off the deep end on this, shouldn’t someone verify that there ARE bodies buried there, and that they do belong to kids who attended the school? This entire thing is based on one indig group CLAIMING a ground scanner found “what appeared to be” remains. It hasn’t even been confirmed. Not saying it wouldn’t be a sad thing, but how about they actually investigate and confirm the claim. Technically, this is all speculation at this point.

  6. These so called “injustices” are truly ridiculous. The solution to this problem is completely obvious, the lack of equality is not acceptable at all. Please stick to the tried and true formulae to solve every problem. As fast as possible, install the electric chairs and prepare mass burial grounds for all of the indoctrination center locations Canada wide. Wear your masks take your ethylene oxide tests daily , and take your injections chattle serfs.

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