1. I am disappointed that Canada does not have a leader strong enough to call out Chinas criminal behaviour for what it is.
    Trudeau needs to condemn them. He’s not their parent, nobody cares if he is disappointed.
    He should do something, because his words are empty. The only thing he can be counted on for, is to never miss a photo-op.

    1. I’ve never heard him actually answer anything. “Mr. PM, are you a human? Answer – we will continue to take pride in all races and our ability to love them. Yes but are you human? Answer – humanity is embraced by all. See I can be him too lol

  2. Oh no, JUSTIN Trudeau has to deal with Canadians. JUSTIN Trudeau would rather be arranging “systemic racists RCMP” bus boy service schedules to ILLEGAL MIGRANTS.

  3. What type of a ”leader” gives meaningless word salad as a reply EVERY time he’s asked a question?
    Must be a nightmare for ANYONE attempting to communicate with this clown!

  4. Let’s hear from the families. Any promises the Liberals made to suppress this story hasn’t helped the Michaels one iota.

  5. Can Canada trade Trudeau for the 2 canadians I think that would be the best a action to take

  6. He doesn’t talk like a world leader. He talks like that yoga instructor that stares at their crystals.

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