Prince Edward addresses royal rift with Harry and Meghan 1

Prince Edward addresses royal rift with Harry and Meghan


Prince Edward, Queen Elizabeth's youngest child, speaks to CNN on what would have been the 100th birthday of his father Prince Philip. CNN's Max Foster asks him about the bereaved Queen Elizabeth and the royal family's high-profile rift with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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    1. @Mohammad Abdul Salsalani england was great before copious immigration of islam. making it like the 3rd world they escaped from.

  1. “That’s families for you.” And Prince Edward is absolutely right. It’s natural for members of one family to disagree with one another, and make their own choices. The only difference with the Royal Family, with regards to Prince Harry and Meghan, is that it’s playing out in public.

    1. @Mazie Dixon you know what’s a bad thing Mazie? Only supporting the gold digger because she’s biracial and you’re obviously black. I think that’s pathetic when people of color feel they need to defend someone else JUST because their a person of color.

    2. @Carol Amsterdam stop that bullshit – that never happened to Meghan in the UK , people adored her arriving until we seen her how she conducted herself – nothing to do with colour all to do with character

    3. @Michael Gibb listen to H&M themselves on the chat show with Oprah – then tick of the lies told.

    4. @Sharon Harris and u r against her because you are what?
      I support whomever, I want to not because of race but for the mere fact that I read and watch what is happening and make my own decision, unlike you who only listened to what is been fed to you.

    1. I know right! I love how he kind of just laughed off the questions and comments that made him uncomfortable. Goes to show that he can have a sense of humor and not take himself too seriously.

    1. Not everyone craves the spotlight. Prince Edward and his lovely wife Sophie are quiet hardworking Royals, Britain is very lucky to have them

    2. What, pray tell, is so POOR about Peince Edward? He just seems to be a very quiet person, but on the other hand, so are they all. ANN

    1. Yes he was abandoned in to a corner before. But that’s life for you, what will be will be. It’s his time for use now .

    2. Nor have I! He’s quite funny, I love the bit about forgetting what he was told by the next day. Anyone over 50 can relate. I think he’s the first of the RF to be interviewed since the attacks by H & M, that says a lot about him and the trust they must have for him. I hope to see more of him!

  2. “Thats families for you.”
    Made all the more painful when u have media and “royal experts” who LIE about them. Youtubers exposed them.

  3. Families are Families everyone goes through things but the Intrusive UK media and tabloids exploits exaggerates or lies about the narrative .

  4. That sudden outburst of faux laughter signalled that’s it mate, we’re going to change the subject. Go that, have you?

  5. He is a good interviewer. Smoothly inserting questions about H&M and smoothly diverting to other questions when Edward’s gestures were a bit uncomfortable and off guard. Nice one!

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