Prince Harry and Meghan involved in ‘near catastrophic car chase’ involving paparazzi in NY

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan were involved in a “near catastrophic car chase” involving paparazzi in New York City, his spokesperson says. Harry was accompanying Meghan at the Women of Vision Awards, held at the city’s Ziegfeld Ballroom. #CNN #News


  1. 2 hour chase from half a dozen blacked out vehicles? Where were they going and why did they not just stop. I think I will wait for the official NYPD word before passing judgement on this.

  2. Why am I having a hard time believing a chase took place for 2 hours in NYC at midnight especially with these two?

    1. @Isabela StephanThe six paparazzi cars were driving dangerously while trying to take pictures. Apparently the police tried to stop the paparazzi but they just sped off.

    2. True police would have went after them ! All it takes is a apb announced to all officers patrolling !!!!

  3. Something is not right here. I’m not saying there is no truth in this story, and I don’t know what Harry’s security detail was at the time. However, if they thought there was danger, why was it allowed to run for two hours ? The simple solution would be to drive to the nearest police office for safety and assistance. Doesn’t make sense.

  4. Seems to me that people would have captured this chase on cellphone video and we’d have seen it before now. Two hours? Chase? Manhattan? This is suspect

  5. 2 hour ‘chase’ in NYC? I’m in the UK. A 2 hour chase here would take you maybe 150 miles (assuming no one was too worried about speed limits) Or, in London, could be the ‘chase’ took you about 20 miles. But then police on foot could have stopped the chasers 😀 Really tough being there in the US.

    1. False information with no proof or fact checked ! I’ll wait for this and say sorry if I was wrong !

    2. They had to come to NYC to be chased because no one wants to chase them in CA. Oh wait, that’s right. No one wants to chase them in NY either. High 5 to their PR firm!

    3. NYC incl all the boroughs is a different situation – drivers are creative. I was hit once by a car taking a shortcut down a sidewalk – it’s a bit of a tradition. But this is extreme – it’s about money & maybe revenge. If Brits would stop buying the tabloids & everyone quit falling for the clickbait it would end.

  6. One question: how is it possible that they got in this chase in the first place? Why was there no protection by their own security?

    1. I think this comes at a time when the Royal Family are challenging whether or not they need private security (saw on the British morning show “Lorraine” today)

    2. Convenient isn’t it when they are vying for free protection from the King. Millionaire grifters I tell ya.

    3. @Linda C yes but that is in Britain. This is USA. Different laws etc. Paparrazzi are much worse there. Are they naive?

  7. It takes 2 hours to move 5 blocks in NYC using a car!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. After 10pm? Nope. Lived there. They were also going down sidewalks – which happens in NYC. I was hit by one.

  8. I take all this incident with a pinch of salt he’s in the middle of suing a number of newspapers about this

  9. And yet they never once thought to stop and call the police? Heck, they could have just driven directly to a police station (I assume they’ve heard of GPS?). Not to mention that if they were at home instead of on their seemingly eternal “We Want Privacy” tour, it wouldn’t have happened either.

    1. They are public figures. She has been chased before, gone to the police, and told there was nothing they could do. They have a right to live without being chased by crazy people for pictures! And having never been in their shoes, maybe don’t be so flippant? Just a thought.

    1. After 10 yes way. I was run off the road by speeding SUVs in daylight in Brooklyn. And hit by a car on a sidewalk. Seems you haven’t spent quality time there.

    1. There’s cameras EVERYWHERE IN NYC INCLUDING BUSINESS’. Show me the pictured, the dashcams, cellphone pics, etc. You cannot move in NYC with out cameras on you. Especially for 2 hours WTF 😒

    1. @Aine Marvin Because it’s over the top. From what Eric Adams said so far, it sounds like they grossly exaggerated.

    2. When someone chases I stop or pull over or go somewhere. I dont drive around for 2 weeks at speed. They are equally responsible for their dangerous actions which put innocent people on the road at risk. They should have pulled over and called the police. They are again telling half the story.

  10. The police said there was no catastrophic car chase. Plus in NYC is impossible to go on a 2 hour chase.

    1. It does sound extreme but I think we should all judge the situation when the facts are largely agreed on.

      It’s still pretty serious if it was only 10 or 20 minutes, nonetheless it does seem hard to believe – 2hrs

    2. Indeed. It might take 2 hours driving around the block to find a parking spot, but that’s about all.

  11. This is the same couple we’re freaking out about a man in Vespa tailing them in their documentary. Not like they’re prone to exaggerating in order to court media attention or anything.

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