Prince Harry and Meghan stepping back from royal family roles

Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, are stepping back from their roles as senior members of the British royal family and plan to work towards becoming "financially independent," the couple announced on Instagram on Wednesday.

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    1. @KittyKat Sure. Nothing shallow about it. If half the supreme court judges turned out to be corrupt, would you change them out or tear down the supreme court?

    2. @Rachel Barker YOU are probably on “benefits”, and pay no taxes, so why are you complaining?😏😏 I am happy for this family, AND I bet William, on a certain level, is ENVIES Harry: Getting his FREEDOM and married to a gorgeous, smart, accomplished woman who seems to be the love of his life!

    3. MUSIIMENTA JUDITH – How naive you are. When he writes off all the money coming to him down the line, then get back to me.

    4. @Paula Jackson
      Bullshit. She had her own money & a role on a semi-popular TV show.
      But please, continue to tell us about meghan. How old were you when you met? Did you grow up together or did she ditch you when she got famous? Give us all the dirty deets.

    1. Having a royal attached to your charity brings in money. Just like having a celebrity. That’s what they are but they can’t even speak their mind in political issues they can only discuss the charity and it cannot be a politically active charity.

      I think if the Royals weren’t so scared they only had one spare Harry would have stayed in the military his whole life active duty. He was happy in it, he thrived. He went right to the front just like any other person and he didn’t get himself in trouble while he was in it. When you have nothing to do but be a burden to yourself that’s when you get in trouble money doesn’t necessarily create good people. But that is why they started to expect him to go do charitable things.

      When he created the Invictus games that really started putting him on the road to recovery and action. Now who knows. I’m sorry I’ve not liked his social climbing money-grubbing wife. There were just too many bad answers. Too many signs of really bumpy roads ahead. I don’t think he was thinking with his head when he asked her to marry him and she definitely knew how to manipulate him. This should never have been done at this time it should have been done after his grandmother and grandfather passed. It’s not going to be long you would have maybe only been a year or two for Grandpa at the most and Grandma well you know she might live up to be a hundred. But he didn’t have to do it now. So either he got an offer he couldn’t refuse financially or he has tried to threaten them a form of blackmail and they said no. There can only be one king I think that Harry said only realize that and didn’t like the answer that he was seeing

  1. I wish them the best as a young couple with their whole lives to live with a new family. I respected harrys mum but frankly I do not respect the family as a whole with what occured over the years. But what ever they decide, I am happy that they are pursuing happyness in their lives away from the circus spot light Harry was born into. Megan seems like a down to earth young woman much like Diana was in respect for all around her.

    1. @Samuel Luria I just believe that ALL of us humans, “royal” or commoner, were born with a WRETCHED, SINFUL nature with a bent toward doing EVIL no matter what our social/economic status is. A monarch can be just as EVIL as the lowest person on the man-made social/economic scale, and vice versa.

    2. @WINTER Florida did say that they don’t respect the family as a whole. Harry isn’t in charge, so he’s not responsible for that.

    3. @Samuel Luria What a mindless bloviator you are. No one cares about your self-advertised superior education, which, real or not, adds nothing to this already deadly discussion. Everyone should just back away; nothing of importance has been put out here or is likely to be.

  2. *When the hottie you have a crush on is moving to the class across from yours, but so is his girlfriend*
    “Should’ve seen that one coming.”

    1. kupar s according to them they are no longer going to accept money from the sovereign grant. And, I don’t doubt that they are already financially independent. Meghan Mariel earned 5 million dollars as an actress and Prince Harry is said to have inherited 10 million dollars from princess Diana after her passing.

  3. I don’t think there was any possible way for Meghan to fully grasp what marrying into the Royal family would be like. Harry has every right to protect his family the way he sees fit.

  4. I feel like if you’re never to become a Monarch, like Harry in this case, then you should be allowed to lead whatever life you desire. Pointless tbh

    1. Great Britain! Your King Baby sucks like no other baby in the entire history of human kind! What an ugly baby! Lobster Boy! Use it for a pinata!What I want to know is what happened to the Royal After Birth … the Holy Placenta?
      Did they discard it… into which bin?  Something like that could be worth a lot of money on the international meat market… or did they cook it up and eat it up… a royal raconteur delicacy.

      As an American I feel it my patriotic duty to tell all royalty to go straight to Ph’king  hell.

    2. Yep pointless the millions they blew in a few years pointless the working class tax payer had to fund it yes pointless

    3. No only that a lot of figure are payed by tax money. Like any politicien for exemple. Imagine being sued every time you want to do or buy something but on top of that you have a bunch of scheduled and stuff to do and you are basically not getting payed. It’s a loss loss situation and for meghan who was successful it probably felt like taking away all her freedom.

    4. @woollimy For sale one slightly tarnished Prince and his nobody TV personality wife looking for a country that needs tourism dollars or a political activism that needs figureheads give us the right amount and we’ll be there. Just don’t be surprised if we stab you in the back and jump to the next highest bidder. After all we just stabbed our own country and aging family members in the heart. I couldn’t wait until Grandpa and Grandma passed away. Our feelings came first. Oh right we are millennials that answers everything.

      oh poor Megan she marries into one of the wealthiest families in Europe they live off of the taxpayers dollars she gets to remodel a vintage home with millions of dollars & basically there was an unlimited bank account. All she has to do is wave her hands and go visit a few people throughout the year. Since she’s not part of the in line to the throne royalty luckily they get to do things they want to do like go see The Lion King Etc and yet the citizens pay for all of it with taxes. The Windsors never had it this good.

      What she’s upset about is she can’t be politically active. She also didn’t like being called out on her hypocrisy. She purposefully met Harry and she had an agenda. I believe her sister and her father more than I believe her. I believe she manipulated the Prince into believing she had never had a loving home yet her father said I did love her very much and I did the best that I could do for her with her mother divorcing me and I did pay for her college education I have the receipts. I think her family turned on her when they realized she just wasn’t going to be their sister no matter what.

      When you start lying about how you were treated as a child you’re lying your life away. That’s usually someone with an agenda.

      I believe she thought she could use the royal family as a political springboard for her activism. Unfortunately that’s not what the Royals are supposed to do they’re supposed to stay out of political activism no matter what, they can do charities but they have to even be careful about the charities.

      As far as I’m concerned this is pure manipulation and good riddance. Of course they’re going to be more trouble then they’re worth loosed upon the world without any control from the government. People in high places sure have a nice way of telling us how we should live, what we should do and yet they go and do their own thing the hypocrisy of it is completely asinine but it always has been and I’m sorry Prince Harry and his wife will do their best to show this to be true.

    1. @Geth Creator Perhaps if you read the H.M.T & H.M.R.C reports for years 2018 / 19 you will see that the figure I quoted was in fact nett after all costs , you will also see that the Crown paid tax at the maximum tariff rate . The country therefore makes a considerable profit from the the whole royal family even though not all are paid from the civil list.

    2. @Chris W This system as you call it operates with the consent of the people not only this country but that of the entire commonwealth, reiterated by those same peoples year upon year, otherwise we and they would be republics now. If you don’t like the system put your name on a ballot stand for election and try and change it. Otherwise stop bitching and go and get a life.

    3. @Rob K , so you are saying they are just a corporation. If so treated as such just like the Kardashian over here in the U.S. and Trump in a sense. They produced no goods, just their “brand”. They however have no free subsidies from the government either.

    4. @Garry Cole They refer to themselves as “The Firm” however we believe that they are embedded in our culture and way of life, although she is the titular head of state to many nations it is important that we have a non political head of state in the person of the Queen. Being one step removed from politics, our head of state represents all peoples not to a political party, she is the ultimate arbiter of power over all commonwealth countries and is devoted to serve them until death. I should point out that she is beloved by her people, and strangely enough by Americans and Germans.

  5. Now all we need is prince Andrew to start earning his keep an start living his best life behind bars.

    1. @J N
      I missed the part where she forced him to do anything. Contrary to your belief, couples talk and decide the best action to take, together. So maybe they feel the same way, whatever way that is.
      But since you have insider sources, tell us, what are they going to do next?

    2. @User Friendly He has been a close part of his family for over 30 years and never left. 3 years in this marriage and his leaving now. She didn’t force him to leave. She forced him to chose.

    1. You will find the British public were fed up with Merch Narcissist ways, nobody asked whilst visiting Africa this was about her , Africa was forgotten about because a Narcissist got in the way. Harry chose the wrong person to marry.

  6. I think Harry is going to find himself very much alone one day. Really sad this spell she has him under. Quite creepy.

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