Prince Harry faces off against U.K. tabloid publisher Daily Mail

Daniele Hamamdjian reports on the high-profile privacy suit between Prince Harry and U.K. tabloid publisher the Daily Mail.

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  1. We want privacy! We want privacy! Hey guy, haven’t you heard of a thing called privacy?! – The Prince and Princess of Canada

    1. well they live in the state of California in the united states of America so they certainly are not the prince and princess of Canada. we Canadians may still be part of that there British commonwealth but we are our own country now and we don’t have to live in igloos anymore since we got them there fancy things what do you call them houses.

    1. Princess Maghan got PRINCE Harry looking Healthy, HAPPY and whole. Harry’s wife Maghan protects her husband like she promised at their wedding. Maghan you are a wonderful wife and mother to Archie and Lilibet

  2. Ironically, he does to his family what allegedly press do to him! Further more, he wants privacy but he couldn’t stand shady living in Granville Island and moved to Opera land!

  3. No press about them over three days of coronation show them whose boss. Don’t utube or tweet let then see how it feels please share or write your own tonpress

  4. If it was a secret that Harry went to court why were the paparazzi there ,filming him,and why didn’t he use the back door.
    Never mind ..
    We want privacy we want privacy we want privacy .

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