Prince Harry, Prince William asked King Charles not to marry Camilla | SPARE

CTV Royal Commentator Afua Hagan breaks down the latest revelations from Prince Harry who's come out swinging against his stepmother.

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    1. You are right, those claims were huge. And the fact that Harry and Meghan did accept last last month an award for fighting racism within the royal family. They gladly accpeted the award although there is no racism within the RF. They should give it back so that someone who genuinely fights racism can have it. They are stealing that award form someone who deserves it.

  1. Just as well the Queen is no longer alive. She doesn’t have to wade through Harry’s attack of her family and life work. Sensational tales from the Duke and Duche$$ of Netflix on Oprah, their Netflix mockumentary and now his book are sickening. There are many things that have happened that are heartbreaking, and the Royal Family is far from perfect, his tabloid type psychotherapy ‘telling his truth’ are a bit much. If Harry wants his family back – he has taken a strange route to do so.

  2. The whole Camilla situation is messed up. The same woman who caused your mother so much anguish and was your fathers mistress is now your step mother.

  3. Anyone that’s watched “Suits” can tell by her acting in the show that she’s extremely passionate when it comes to drama….

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