1. How ironic to hear a British Royal say such things, when he knows damn well his family’s ancestry has committed far more heinous crimes than anything he’s listed.

    1. He was born a Prince and will be a Prince for rest of his life weather you like or not !

    2. They gave up on being working royals..key word working. Not the title he will forever hold no matter what cause whether you like it or not he is prince Charles son

  2. Let’s hope that, at least this time, they will not wear microphones for Netflix. He forgot that Mandela was a very close friend of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II

  3. It was painful listening to this speech. Sick of him speaking about his mother, his ungrateful wife, and those kids that don’t exist!

  4. You know nothing of which your talking about. Might be time for your to read the Constitution of the United States. As far as Abortion goes, the constitution is clear in that this is a States responsibility. Harry if your going to use your privilege to speak at the UN, next time know what the heck your talking about!

  5. This speech is about this fool. Why did he mention his vile wife and continuous milking his dead mother’s memories at Mandela Day?

  6. He pledge monies to speak. It was supposed to be a statement about Nelson Mandela, not his wife, his dead mother , his children, his need for money, (Archewell), his mother knew Mandela and his mother in law has a foundation also. It appears that the prince was grifting the UN. He pledged how much?

  7. I think Harry & Meghan have taken their celebrity WAY TOO FAR. Harry as a born Prince to the United Kingdom should not be entering or discussing another country’s politics etc. He should not be political.

    It’s about time not only the British Government but also the USA Government told him to butt out & keep his political views to himself. He should not be able to stand on the Worlds stage as a British Prince & engage in political areas .. even though we know its Meghans views and speech. By allowing him to continue to do this, drags & involves the British people & Monarchy in any mess he creates.

    It’s about time The House of Windsor & the Queen sorted this mess out ONCE & FOR ALL.. It’s been allowed to go on too long . Before Harry & Meghan create some real trouble with dabbling in other country’s Politics & Laws. They are walking a dangerous path by doing this & the longer Government’s and more so THE HOUSE OF WINDSOR & our Queen turn a blind eye to it.. They are COMPLICIT .

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