Prince Harry to attend father’s coronation without his wife Megan Markle

CTV Royal Commentator Afua Hagan discusses Prince Harry's first family visit since releasing his memoir, and why Meghan Markle won't attend the coronation of King Charles III.

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  1. You are “langues sales”. That is the reasons why Harry gone to live out of England.

  2. But there’s NO APOLOGY!!!
    What happened to his adamant demands for that???
    If this is whyLady C has been promising on her channel that things were happening behind the scenes, it’s extremely anti climactic!!!

  3. I guess he needs to go for more content in his book Spare 2.0😁 Looking forward for more drama to this couple.

  4. That’s a perfect solution. Magen is having a difficult time to adapt to European culture.

  5. Meghan and Harry were given an ultimatum by the king Charles and Prince William it’s either you come or don’t and she decided not to go. She was told she nor her children will be on the balcony.🇦🇺♥️🇬🇧

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