Priscilla Presley contests validity of Lisa Marie Presley’s will

In a court filing obtained by CNN, attorneys for Priscilla Presley filed a petition disputing a 2016 amendment to her daughter’s will. The petition states that Lisa Marie Presley removed her mother and her former business manager, Barry Siegel, as co-trustees and replaced them with her children, Riley and Benjamin Keough. Benjamin Keough later died in 2020. CNN's Christine Romans has more. #CNN #News


  1. Riley Keough is fully capable of being the major executrix. She’s sane. Been married for a number of years now. And seems level headed. I’m certain Lisa Marie was very proud of her.

    1. That would be great. It’s just too bad there are several red flags regarding the changes to the will, and Priscilla has the right to be concerned.

  2. Graceland should go to Lisa Marie children not Pricilla gets NOTHING. She had divorced him and then got married to someone else didn’t she.

    1. No, Priscilla never remarried, she lived with her sons father for over 20 years, she didn’t want to lose that Presley name again. She’s a total leeching gold digger and has no shame!

  3. What kind of mother rich or not tries to take the gift her daughter leaves her children in death away from them . Greed does terrible things to people and for Priscilla to put these kids through this already is heartless

    1. The manager Siegel was in a law suit with Lisa Marie for spending her money. So it makes PERFECT sense that Lisa Marie changes her will removing Siegel. I think Priscilla needs to back off. It’s really heartless.

    2. @veg skater nope. Lisa Marie was in a lawsuit with Siegel up until the day she died. I’m glad Lisa changed her will.

    3. @Giao The point is whether Lisa Marie DID ACTUALLY change her will, or whether someone else did it (and not legally)!

    4. @Ricky Hunter You are ASSUMING a whole lot, and STILL the point is whether the changes to Lisa Marie’s will were done by her. If so, she should have used a lawyer because as they stand, they are suspicious and not legal.

    5. @Ricky Hunter 🤣 who quoted 16 and 500 million…. Lisa wished she would have had that much. You can’t even spell her name correctly

  4. Famously rich people have had members come forward fighting for the piece of the wealth left behind: Elvis, Michael Jackson’s, Prince, Elvis Daughter Lisa Marie, and probably plenty more out there shoots Brittany Spears family did it while she was alive 😢 The Love of Power and Money is the root to All Evil. None of those family members actually love their famous family member just loving the wealth and that’s the most heartbreaking part. 💔

  5. Very sad but I just knew this would happen …. Just knew !!!
    Sad sad sad … her daddy would be very upset … it SHOULD go to her kids not her mother !!! 😡😡😡😡

  6. Everyone needs to be reminded that Lisa Marie Presley has a grown daughter! I really hope Riley Keogh will stand up and be the twins Harper & Finely’s trustee.

  7. When also has to be very careful because things left to young grandchildren or not completely adult children can end up in a bad place. For example, my mother left her home to my daughter not me which is fine. I had money, but my daughter sold it immediately and put the money away, which is fine to except that it would’ve been better to hold onto the property because it was in Santa Monica and worth millions of dollars in the end. It was not a good decision because she was young. When there’s infuedimg in the family like we had this is what happens.

  8. Lisa Marie’s lawyer should’ve known to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s.. This will should’ve also been updated since 2020 due to her son dying.

  9. Beyond the contesting of the living trust/ will documents, is realizing how much of the estate will be EATEN by attorney’s fees before it’s settled?! Pathetic… 😔

    1. I agree! & She always w/ after money! Even w/ Our Elvis was living 2 ! HMM UGH! Priscilla does not surprise me or shook me! She has $$$$$$ signs in her eyes n head 2 !! HMM UGH!!!

    1. Another person who got that WRONG! MONEY is neutral energy, neither bad nor good. The LOVE of MONEY (GREED) is the root of all evil! Priscilla has the right to be concerned about suspicious changes to the will.

  10. I used to respect Priscilla Presley, but now seeing how selfish she is being is disrespectful to Elvis and his bloodline. Priscilla may have supposedly came up with the business of keeping Graceland alive but who really knows who came up with the idea and that Priscilla Presley has milked off of for years, because we don’t know what has happened behind closed doors. Priscilla has milked Elvis and the Presley name for years. And what is she going to do with Graceland give it to her son, the none blood relative when it is rightfully Lisa’s Children, Riley’s and her younger sisters now? There is something evil about what she is doing. And Priscilla isn’t a Presley and she needs to leave it alone, Graceland belongs to a actual and the actual Presleys by blood not name. That’s what Elvis would want and his daughter Lisa Marie wanted too. And Elvis Presley and his daughter is what kept Graceland alive not Priscilla.

    Also Lisa Marie and Priscilla had a very rocky relationship because of how her mother was, perhaps Lisa Marie knew her mother was more crooked more then we know. They had a life behind closed doors and we don’t know what happened all the time.

    Also Priscilla is and was divorced from Elvis not his widow… Yeah, get over it Priscilla and whom is not a Presley anymore really.

    Rest In Peace Lisa Marie Presley with your Father and Son and hopefully you as well as all of us will see you and your children get your justification and respect you and your family (your father and children) deserves.

    Rest In Peace Princess of Rock ‘N’ Roll Lisa Marie Presley.
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