Pro-Trump Rallies Begin In DC Ahead Of Certification Of Biden Win | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Pro-Trump Rallies Begin In DC Ahead Of Certification Of Biden Win | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC's Ellison Barber discusses the latest from the pro-Trump rallies in D.C. ahead of the Electoral College certification of Biden's win. Aired on 01/05/2021.
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Pro-Trump Rallies Begin In DC Ahead Of Certification Of Biden Win | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. ​@jonathan gonzalez Whatever moronic entity you are. You’ve proven to be completely incapable or unwilling to digest any scientific data presented to him while claiming “science” is on his side.

      You’re a witless fool and a disgrace.

    2. @John Farling ppl who support Creepy Joe must be REALLY delusional…to the point of riding the short bus everyday..the man can’t even recite the Pledge of allegiance!!!

    1. There’s no one sane there. If one of those people fires a gun, they’ll all end up shooting each other. A classic showdown. Really entertaining.

  1. He’s the thing: whether they “accept”the results or not is irrelevant. The elections been over for 8 weeks

    1. @J M M fools like Dumbocrats?! Following an old man who.doesnt even know what state he’s in.?! Introduces himself as Joe Bindens husband?!? Seriously?! How dumb are you.?

    2. We all knew 2016 was a stolen election that doing Dump’s wide-load body in the W H…did Dems whine 4 days, months, years?!! NO! Stop the crap, Repubs, grow a pair and get on with democracy as we know it…You all are looking, sounding and being quite stupid and embarrassing 2 the world. Buck Up!!

  2. Pictures like this are why Americans are not welcomed in other countries.
    Keep our borders closed. From Canada

    1. @Mal C I’ll bet those smart Americans are also smart enough to know that there’s no such word as “alot” too.

    2. Canada let’s China Military train on their soil. Ironic considering that’s where the Virus

    3. Jasmine Doull We follow the rule,staying at home, no gathering at all. We care about ourselves and our fellow countymen. I live in Toronto.

    1. @Big Guy on a Little Adventure ..LOL…no he wont…you don’t have a copy of the playbook go back to.your mommies basement

    2. @David Findle There is no playbook that ends with the Great Orange King still wearing his crown on January 21st. None.

  3. Isn’t this redundant? They protested Biden becoming president by voting…. and he still won. This just screams “we don’t accept reality”

    1. @Jim Johnson 2 days ago you asked if I wanted to bet and I agreed , suggested a figure assumed you could cover it…then you didn’t show…now you are asking for another bet…much like trump, pretty sure you would welch…claiming fraud and refusing to accept facts.

    2. @Jim Johnson excuse me it was ron johnson get these fake names mixed up sometimes…comes with age…so in closing …trump lost…

    3. @ken adams
      Okay I will give it my best right now to list a few that I can recall.
      Here goes.
      Moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem.
      Reformed the VA still needs work though.
      Freed several Hostages
      Signed Criminal Justice Reform
      Made it possible for the Black Colleges to get more Funding
      Made it possible for the Black Communities to Receive funding for businesses
      4 Nominations for The Nobel Peace Prize
      Did Peace Deals
      Lowest Unemployment for Black , Latino , Asian , Women , in over 50 yrs.
      Record Number for the Stock market hitting highs.
      Implemented Operation Warp Speed due from Covid-19 that came from China.
      Oh yeah and a couple of my Favorites gave the Order to take Two Terrorist leaders.
      For my Brothers and Sisters.
      I am sure I will think of some more but, gotta take meds and get ready for bed.
      Old age catches up to ya when you don’t want it to.
      Hope you can give me a list as well.
      By the way if want to fact check me feel free.
      Rest Well
      Be Safe
      Reply in the am sometime.

    4. @Jim Johnson we should BDS israel not even have an embassy there…in that criminal country…as for the rest of your list none of those things actually happened just photo ops and signing of empty funds actually went to those schools…

    5. @Jim Johnson you must have chugged the koolade you’re spouting the propaganda…lies and bullsh*t…of your dear leader….

  4. I see so many dead trump supporter here: just imagine that someone lost a family member to covid 19 because Trump said go and die for me

    1. They will just say they died for a Nobel cause, fighting for this country and its democracy… the alternative reality they live in does not let them see reality.

    2. In my country in Europe a study have been made that shows.. if the us had implemented the same measures that we have (since march!).. 70% fewer people would have died..

      .. so till now 250.000 lives could have been spared.. blood on T****’s hands.. and on all his enablers!

      What a disaster..

  5. The irony in waving American flags and yet rallying against our democracy, all in an effort to pay homage to an unworthy man.

    1. @Chris B Trump ‘s reign gave anyone whose robes were burning hidden for 8 years while a black man stood President. A Biden administration has to deal with that too.

    2. @F Well if Biden does take office… they already have him on video admitting to quid pro quo so that and his sons business dealings are going to keep him busy until he prematurely leaves office due to his declining health. It’s really a shame. He should have been allowed to retire with some dignity. Now he will be remembered as someone who couldn’t hit the campaign trail two days in a row. He will not be able to handle the Oval Office as there aren’t any breaks. Even when a president is on vacation they really aren’t.

    1. Looks peaceful to me. No fire or shooting or stabbing people (unlike antifa and BLM protests all year long)

    2. @mark Evans trump is running out of time. People are gathering information to put him behind bars. His wife is leaving him. Republicans are turning their backs on him. The clock is ticking and he knows it. trump doesn’t care about his supporters. He’s using them and as soon as you go against him he tosses you away like trash. No one wants h8m living in their neighborhood. He’s running a cult not a country.

    1. When you’re not smarter than Trump, you wind up supporting his sorry butt. As stupid and uninformed as Trump is, it’s a bit scary to think of Americans who are even worse.

    2. Yes, it is super-sane and smart to support a demented old fool for President who can’t remember what planet he is on. That’s precisely what the country needs.

    1. @Imaginary Person – To make fun of the people attending the Trump Crybaby Diaper Parade. Trump setting the record for crybaby, losing snowflake – jeez, he needs to pack and head out already.

    2. @Trap Daddy – But Trump was Epstein’s buddy, not Biden. Haven’t you seen all the photos and videos of them together. Let me guess – that doesn’t count, right?

  6. The election results have been certified by every state in the United states. Grow up! We don’t need Congress to tell us what is already been done.

    1. @David Findle Any credible evidence that would stand in court? If so, pleeeeeese give it to Trump’s attorneys because so far they have nothing that’d make a valid case.

    1. You got that correct ( was gonna say right ) but I agree. Crop dust them while they’re in one place.

  7. if the elected had gotten rid of the electoral college long ago this never would of happened. voters are far better then political parties at picking leaders.

  8. I wonder how many people are going to get and die from covid-19 after attending the rally for the president’s ego?

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