Problem Solvers Co-Chairs Discuss Infrastructure Plan


  1. daily reminder: trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a democratic election

  2. We are wasting time.
    A lot of time.
    We need it not want it. It’s good us and our country
    Get this done.

    1. While all in Congress should be problem solvers, too many are “progressive” posers, who’d rather make noise, than do anything for the American people.

  3. The country couldn’t care less about bipartisanship. Why have this segment and not bring on the viewpoint of the second bill – WHICH WILL NOT PASS – if not included together. The moderates will WIN with programs that help their constituents because economic progressive policies are massively popular. When parents have two extra years for early education or see their grown child have two years of college without costs. How about the permanent child tax credit? Where are these arguments?

  4. Win win for democrats and Nancy Pelosi is a real leader making sure the 3.5 Trillion Budget RECONCIATION gets passed to help All Americans!

    1. Sorry to say as a long time democrat Pelosi is very week . They have no strategy. Republicans are able to walk all over them and as democrats lead in two parts of our Government . the republicans push there force and shove it down their throats . Republicans fear that some one is going to step up like McCarthyism , and accuse them all 45 , Fascist . It’s a disgrace to this country to have people of the fascist party stand up and deny the election was won by trump . and Biden just wants it all to go away and bid with people who denied him as president . sorry but something is wrong here . McConnel and McCarthy need to step down because of the lies they still hold to this day . Both the capital riot and the Election fraud BS .

  5. These 2 congressmen are something else… As soon as the infrastructure bill passes The other bill dies. We all know how democrats are.

  6. I would be hopeful that anyone who votes against it would lose their next election, but voters have short memories.

  7. US ANTIQUE INFRASTRUCTURE UPDATE PASSED: Congratulations Joe and Kamala.
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China has 37,900km of high speed track and currently has another 32,000Km under construction.
    2021 USA has NO high speed trains but has 301km track not in use with 2,000km under construction.

  8. I hope this bill includes GREEN approaches to getting this done and living with the results in the midst of major climate chagne.

  9. we simply have needs that need to be addressed. my broken asphalt road doesnt vote but it needs to be fixed. my janky water supply cant vote but it needs to be improved. we dont care about bipartisan passing of bills. we need help! bipartisan ship bill doesnt mean jack when its privatizing re-vitilization of infrastructure.

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