Progressives, Moderates Can Beat Trump, Says E.J. Dionne | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'Code Red: How Progressives and Moderates Can Unite to Save Our Country.' Aired on 2/18/2020.
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Progressives, Moderates Can Beat Trump, Says E.J. Dionne | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. We don’t want a mediocre moderate. Americans are sick of the way politicians screw them over for a dollar. Bernie is the only hope we the people have left

    1. @TheDeanRB What trumplings don’t understand is that slow-to-moderate, steady growth is the lifeblood of capitalism; whereas, Trump’s scorched-earth, deregulation policy is cancerous. The stalk cannot support the bloom.

    2. @sal been Wrong. Republican-backed enormous annual subsidies to big oil, pharma, farming and weapons industries are taxing us to death. What is going on now is corporate socialism. Trumplings can’t see that & even if they could they wouldn’t want to. Bernie plans to do away with it.

    3. @Montauk Long Island MSNBC is biased whereas Fox News (sic) is radical right-wing (neo fascist) propaganda. One is dubious; the other is poison.

    1. Wrong Hussain O ‘s policies created Bloomberg’s wealth now he’s there to stop Bernie the commie from taking it away.

    1. @Deborah Freedman Not like a Trump rally except for the crowd size
      Bernie Sanders talks about important issues such as climate change and Medicare For All. He doesn’t discuss the difficulty of using a dishwasher.

  2. Nope. Progressives have been giving in for decades. Not this time. That roar you hear is the sound of inevitability. Just try and nominate a foolish moderate against the majority by super delegates and not only will you loose the general to Trump but you will destroy the democratic party for a generation..

    1. @alienv5 Bernie Sanders is the only one that is there for the people anti establishment. Even the Democratic want to stop him. Like they did last time.

    1. Affordable housing, a living wage, reproductive freedom, and turning back climate change are four progressive causes he has championed. Your ignorance is disgraceful.

  3. It’s a primary. They are supposed to fight for it, hello? And if you guys would actually do your job and show that Michael Bloomberg is a racist sexist pig just like Trump and he is trying to buy this f****** election and he wouldn’t be up in the polls. But no, you get his advertising money. Y’all are a piece of s***

    1. People know Bloomberg’s past its been on many news sites. Yet he still has a large portion of the African American vote.

    1. They obstructed Obama for 6 years and attacked him on the vetos.
      They stole hundreds of judges.
      They intentionally appointed biased supreme court judges.
      I have no interest in reaching across. I want to win.
      Why would I vote for somebody that isn’t recognizing the situation for what it is..

      Bernie is the only candidate that seems to remember the Obama era.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Bernie is clearly winning. Trump is going to prison next year. Nothing can stop it from happening.

  4. The establishment Dems need to fall in line and unify with the front runner. They played progressives in 2016. Fool me once….

    1. @Barry Walls Good. Then lets throw all the Trump and Sanders supporters into a pit together. Both lot support someone Putin also supports.

  5. The moderates saying “we need to come together” are sabotaging things by constantly attacking progressives and pushing them to submit to moderation. It would be much more effective to say “I will absolutely back Bernie if he’s the nominee, and here are all of the things we have in common.” They only ever criticize progressives on this unity issue. If you constantly attack progressives as the enemy, you can’t be surprised if some of them in return think you are the enemy.

    1. TRIMP & GLOOM-berg are everything that is wrong with America. They are arrogant $poiled brats who feel they can buy what they want and there is no such thing as dignity, honor and integrity, and because they are wealthy they feel they are above the law and should always be treated special and better than everyone else because of their wealth.

  6. So where are the actual experts at who very clearly and obviously see Bernie as the frontrunner? CNN and msnbc keep bringing on “experts” who say Bloomberg is gonna win. These people get paid alot of money just to lie to us.

    1. Yes, he loves the country and knows another lying demagogue, with Putin’s support, will be bad for the country.

  7. I think Democrats should fall in line and unite behind the front-runner, they need to come together and bring unity… oh wait Bernie is leading all the polls

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