1. Not IF but WHEN. If this had happened 200 years ago , he would have been walked out the White House on jan 7 and justice would have been served on the White House lawn. Today that isnt politically correct so we have to go through this non sense and embarrass the country even more in front of our “competitors”.

  2. Reopen either Alcatraz or Guantanamo Bay just for Donald Dump & his inner circle and never ever let them out period!!!!!!

  3. Being level headed In terms of realistic convictions I would say the MAL case is the only one he faces real criminal jeopardy from. The question I am sure jack smith is asking is not is he guilty (he clearly is) but HOW GUILTY is he I.e. can we find out who he has shown the documents to either for showing off to regular guests or something much more sinister than that . My guess is 99% of the prosecutors time is now being spent on the empty folders. I would not expect a prosecution anytime soon

    1. @Bill C. After I wrote the post I reconsidered what I said . I very much admire what she is doing but I’m not as confident as you that she can get a guilty verdict , especially in Georgia , that’s not to say that I don’t think she will try. The other case I think is worth watching is the e Jean Carroll case. Should he be in prison right now ….100% , will he end up in prison …….I’m not so sure.

    2. @Bill C. Lol….I think you are right. I think she is super impressive. Smart determined and seemingly unshakable. I definitely think she should prosecute. Whether she wins.…….???
      Peace to you too. Nice to have chatted with you

  4. If he’s not arrested, then Merrick Garland is sending a message to citizens, which is if you’re a former president your immune from any wrongdoing.

    1. @mr mcgridle You obviously didn’t read the Mueller Report. You obviously didn’t see the news about Trump having top secret documents in his possession.
      Nothing Burger? Nah Baby Gurl that’s the B.S Burger you ordered and it’s fresh

    2. Your country has already proven trump above the law. Bill Barr saw to that. What possible reason does trump have to follow the law now? He has never had to before.

  5. Your right it should not take long to rap up like 5 minutes after they found highly classified docs in the aholes desk drawer
    Anyone else would have been arrested on the spot.

    1. @ConspiracyNutsGFY If Larry x meant “Your right hand…” I’d agree with you. But in his sentence he meant “you are right”, not “your”, and the contraction of “you are” is “you’re”, not “your”.

    2. @Justhor That was a typo, but thanks for catching it. Corrected. See how easy it is to take constructive criticism?

  6. Honey, the law means something, but only for some people. We make excuses for people that are of specific groups, such as class, race, ethnicity, gender, age, etc. These classifications blind us from the truth. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it is the case.

  7. Can someone please just hold.this guy accountable. I need to be able to tell my children that breaking laws and rules has consequences.. Damn

    1. @Eduardo Rodriguez wake up they have nothing because there is nothing it’s all political theater and trying to insult me only shows me your lack of class and that you are controlled by your emotions and lack the ability of critical thinking

    1. @K Watt The majority of Republicans would be tickled if he goes to the slammer. They’ll finally have a chance of winning an election. If Trump isn’t in jail and doesn’t win the nomination, he’ll run independent and wipe out the party.

    2. I’m thinking it would be like the day it was announced he lost. Dancing and celebrating in the streets, like a war had ended

  8. Why is it taking so long on the Maralago Documents case? Because they are still investigating the treason part of it. He sold documents to enemies of the state.

  9. It’s about time that a special counsel with names and I hope that the process is not too long and he’s able to get the job done and convict Trump

  10. His former job, and his announced candidacy for the same job, should have zero bearing on anything concerning these cases. Citizen Trump is responsible for his actions and should be held accountable the same way as any other citizen. You and I would have been behind bars this whole time, and you know it!

  11. I’m not understanding when they say if they can prove. For crying out loud he’s breaking laws on a daily basis. How much more damn evidence do they need.

    1. @Jesse 28 not a fuking chance , big money is on desantis , the establishment GWP as well, trump is a broken record . Splitting the GQP , the democrats just need to run someone other than Biden or anther Hillary .

    2. @ypw510 the presidential records act was first passed into law in 1978 when Nixon tried to destroy government documents. It has been updated over the years to include digital documents. Its most recent update was in 2018 and was signed into law by trump. He was so determined to make sure no one got away with what Hillary got away with that he made mishandling of government documents (regardless of classification) a felony instead of a misdemeanor and increased the penalty from one year in prison to five years in prison. There are at least two videos where he states that no one during his administration will get away with violating the presidential records act. So trump was well aware that taking government documents from The White House was a felony because he is the one who made it a felony. He can’t claim ignorance.

    3. @Mycroft Montague 100% agree with your sentiment, however the orange terrorist cannot get “more bold” than attempting government overthrow by force. The standard for probable cause was met long ago, and Merrick Garland slow-walking this process is VERY dangerous.

  12. Garland himself said: “No one is above the law”. Now we shall see if he means what he says and what the rule of law says in this country.

  13. he has ignored the law for his entire life. he made countless companies file for bankruptcy because they took a job on his properties and he never paid the bill. he’s fudged the numbers on his taxes for 40 years.

  14. When you don’t hold people accountable for their actions, they feel comfortable with being disrespectful, violent etc..

    1. @storm skye What? How? Biden’s son got some business deals because he was perceived as being a connection to his powerful father. That’s not even illegal, its just a little slimy. He was never actually part of the U.S. government.
      Ivanka and Kushner on the other hand, both got billions (!) in deals from countries hoping to influence U.S. policy while the pair were ACTUALLY CABINET MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT. How can you morons not see the difference there?

  15. I totally agree with James ,anyone of us would have been behind bars along time ago. Get off your asses and start to prosecute these traitors. We all are tired of this and want our lives back to normal. This is bullshit

  16. He’d better not just get a light slap on the wrist or house arrest for the Mar-a-lago crimes. Our leaders should be held to a higher standard than average citizens and likewise get a higher penalty for breaking these standards.

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