Prosecutors Walk Through Charges Against Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine Associates | MSNBC

Prosecutors Walk Through Charges Against Rudy Giuliani's Ukraine Associates | MSNBC 1


Prosecutors from the Southern District of New York held a press conference to announce and explain campaign finance violations against Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, who had previously worked with Rudy Giuliani. Aired on 10/10/19.
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Prosecutors Walk Through Charges Against Rudy Giuliani's Ukraine Associates | MSNBC

88 Comments on "Prosecutors Walk Through Charges Against Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine Associates | MSNBC"

  1. Alessia C***** | October 10, 2019 at 3:10 PM | Reply

    I can’t wait till prosecutors walk us through charges against Rudy Giuliani himself, Treason Trump and his family and all kinds of other associates of theirs. 🙏

  2. Unicorn On The Cob | October 10, 2019 at 3:10 PM | Reply

    Tick tock Donald. tick motherfuckertock

    • @Steven Lindsey 👍

    • Mickael Roluti | October 11, 2019 at 3:43 AM | Reply

      @Kevin Mcneil Sounds Like Somebody’s Crying In His Cheerios

    • @Yve Bella – Insults are all you have, enjoy them.

    • Quarrelsome Cuties | October 11, 2019 at 7:42 AM | Reply

      James Wolfensohn was right, “It’s been decided.” The West has to go Commie. Poor slobs must make junk for export to China’s growing middle class. That’s been the pattern since Ancient Mesopotamia with regard to the symptoms and signs of Old World Orders and New World Orders. However, don’t worry; according to Rabbi Wald’s strategy paper, China will fall again due to having made lots of bad investments. Just go with the “current”!🤣

  3. “I know all the best people”

    • @vince kelly What does the prosecutor’s press conference have to do with how MSNBC feels about Trump?

    • @Icono clast silly wabbit
      the reasoning is clear to normal intelligence people
      what does this have to do with giuliani?
      figure that out and the answer will become clear to you

  4. Anyone else tired of all this winning?

  5. Who is Congressman 1? Moscow Mitch? What y’all think.


    • @2001 Monolithic –
      More than half those who met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave money to The Clinton Foundation ~ Associated Press

    • SuperDave Wade | October 11, 2019 at 9:33 AM | Reply

      Daryl Hillard I agree, starting with Hillary who paid millions for the fake stelle dossier for fake dirt on President Trump to and the FBI was in on it. When William Barr’s report drops in a couple weeksWe’ll see how the worm turns then and it won’t be good for the Democrats or should I say demo rats

    • Hillary Clinton Joe Biden Hunter Biden Barack Obama Michelle Obama Nancy Pelosi and Many Many More DemonRats!

    • @jerry robinson trump bragged about his Ukraine talk about biden dummy.

    • @Jason Alan what did michael do.😅😅😅

  7. Steven Stoddard | October 10, 2019 at 3:16 PM | Reply


  8. “Drain the Swamp Donald” – Begin with the most openly corrupt President and Government the USA has ever known – Yours!

  9. Holy f****** s*** is this it? Is the House of Cards coming down? Were there actually Patriots in the background working all of this the whole time without us knowing freaking out but they had us covered? God I hope so…


    • vince kelly Are you insane or just a troll?

    • @Anonymous that’s just double talk… try dealing with actual facts including executive memorandum executive orders indictments and all that implies… which clearly you have not read so your opinion has no wait

    • @Tesla Cumba prove me wrong ,
      what connection does giuliani have to the crime other then he had some past dealins with those charged (and not convicted i might add)
      this is a blatant attack and smear hit piece to attack giulani’s charactor
      msnbc is the worst , they dont report news that anyone cares about

    • democrats , fake news cnn , and fake news msnbc has been claiming trump is done for 3 years now
      nothing new , more big fat nothing burgers

  10. trump mention the ambassador he got rid of as a bad person in the ukraine call now we know why she was removed!!!

  11. Meanwhile, live on Fox News “A squirrel in Florida has learned how to skateboard”.

  12. Shlisa ShellTM | October 10, 2019 at 3:25 PM | Reply

    I’m so grateful we have _some_ people who still love our country and still want to protect.

  13. osamabinsmokin | October 10, 2019 at 3:34 PM | Reply

    A Ukrainian a Russian an a former Mayor walk into a bar…barman says “Is this a joke”

  14. I think Rudy is gonna start singing like a canary once he gets indicted.

  15. “Corrup behavior” “deliberate lawbreaking”. Not to be tolerated. Go FBI!

    • *Proud to be an American blasts in the background*

    • Until Bill Barr gets a hold of it. As head of the DOJ he could quash this investigation. And if he can’t he can decrease their manpower and budget, etc. In fact he’s probably getting reamed by Trump right now for not having thought of it before.

    • Just watch and wait….it will be a Huge Nothing Burger……I wouldn’t be Getting to Excited!

  16. hecommentswith myhandle | October 10, 2019 at 3:48 PM | Reply

    guiliani: “No I didn’t!”

    guiliani: “Of COURSE I did!”

  17. So relieved there’s still adults in the room.

  18. “No one is above the law” despite what POTUS is trying to push.

  19. Let’s be clear: virtually the whole Republican gang is involved in treachery.

    • Innocent until proven guilty.

    • Rock Landstone | October 11, 2019 at 5:14 AM | Reply

      All tied to global oligarchs.
      And Epstein has something to do with a lot of Trumps defenders too.

    • Rock Landstone | October 11, 2019 at 5:26 AM | Reply

      @Donald Ducko Your face is a political hit.
      Just calm down, guy.
      This is going to take down so many corrupt people. Rest easy. Clinton will likely end up involved further down the rabbit hole. Just let it play out. Its real and this could be the moment we all rise up together and defeat the oligarchs who mess with the world as these goons were doing. Breaking the finance laws. They control the funding, they control the elections. Not you. Even if you voted for Trump, that right was still taken from you.

    • Quarrelsome Cuties | October 11, 2019 at 7:30 AM | Reply

      Prove it.

  20. “I swear I never met Rudy Giuliani in my life”

    donald tiny hands trump Oct 2019

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