Prospect Outback Plantation: Where adventure meets rich history

Ocho Rios, Jamaica (January 5, 2014) Nestled in the cool outskirts of Ocho Rios over the magnificent  White River Gorge in St. Mary, you will find a piece of Paradise and Island gem all in one, the historical, awe-inspiring Prospect Outback Adventures. Prospect Outback Adventures is one of Jamaica’s oldest agricultural plantations with a rich heritage. The original 950 acres 18th century plantation was built by Sir Harold Mitchell, boasting Jamaica’s first hydroelectric power station. To date the plantation is approximately 400 acres. Now managed and operated by Dolphin Cove Limited since 2005 and headed by Alex Debuono, Executive Director, Business Development.

Upon arrival to this secluded countryside, all imaginative senses will trigger, one will see the lush, green trees, Caribbean Sea and feel the pure crisp sea breeze gently greeting you. Immediately one will want to see where all the trails and treks lead. Once you decide on your mode of transport to tour the plantation, be it the formidable Segway or the Jitney tour, without much delay, a personal, well experienced tour guide will begin orientation and get you fitted with knee and elbow protective gears to take you on the tour of a lifetime.

Sitting of this historical, agricultural mecca, are trees and crops such as bananas, cassava, sugarcane, coffee, allspice, pineapple and many other crops. Kevin the tour guide posited “the original structure of the non-denominational chapel constructed in 1970 using limestone, chalk and woodwork, all extracted from the plantation on which it sits.” Here, also you will find the fortified 18th century Great House once used as a fort to protect the plantation from privateers and buccaneers. One will see the loopholes used to aim rifles during times of war.

On entering the Great House, the visitor will be greeted with a plethora of historical artefacts including, cherished family portraits and busts of the original owners and inhabitants of the plantation, the largest and only remaining collection of combs made from turtle egg shells, and furniture made from materials taken from the plantation.  Through the back door of the Great House, second to none, one will be in instant awe as the pristine Caribbean Sea and Lush Flora comes within full perspective as one approaches.  You are beckoned by a garden of not only stunning flowers, but herbs and spices well known to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

All plant trees are historically planted by former politicians or great men such as the humungous mahogany tree directly perched on the hill alongside the Great House, planted by the great Winston Churchill in 1953.

To date, Prospect Outback Adventures is still making history with the one and only Camel Trekking Safari and the modern technology Segway and varied attractions all located on one property which includes:  open-aired carriage rides, horseback riding, and feeding the ostriches and viewing the peacocks.

“A rich cultural and historical experience awaits you at Prospect Outback Adventures, where life is adventure!” boasts Alex Debuono, Executive Director.


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