Protecting Trump, GOP Has Left U.S. Natl. Security ‘Fundamentally Damaged’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Protecting Trump, GOP Has Left U.S. Natl. Security 'Fundamentally Damaged' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Naval intelligence veteran Malcolm Nance reacts to the ongoing threat Russia poses to U.S. democracy and Republicans' reaction to that all while remaining loyal to Trump.
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Protecting Trump, GOP Has Left U.S. Natl. Security 'Fundamentally Damaged' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

39 Comments on "Protecting Trump, GOP Has Left U.S. Natl. Security ‘Fundamentally Damaged’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. Graham used to be a bulldog but Trump neutered him. Trump neutered them all.

    • But they went willingly. It was and is their choice.


    • In my opinion, Graham only goes into and has only ever gone into “Bulldog Mode” when it suits his personal agenda which is to get plenty of air-time and take the side that he believes will keep him getting re-elected. I’ve ALWAYS found him to spineless and to sway with the wind. However, he does seem to have a “little something extra” for wanting to stay in Trump’s favor.

  2. Graham needs to retire. Among with McConnell, Pelosi, and Schumer.

    • Term limits are required.

    • @Tom Krohn Adolf Trump only needs two terms to end democracy in the US.

    • @Michael Kahr (& @Tom Krohn) Kahr, you may be right, but, because he named Senators, his statement was obviously referring to term limits for members of Congress. Trump wouldn’t be able to do what I think he’d like to do (become a type of dictator) without the support of almost-permanent members of Congress. Trump HAS been perfect at bringing the gaps in our government and legal systems to public and Congressional awareness. Hopefully, the 2020 elected Congress will address those so that we are not in future danger of being in another situation(s) where our democracy and decency might be put on the chopping block by another president and his/her weak-minded Congressional backers. Why we have term limits for POTUS but not for Senators and Reps, is beyond me. If the same party’s Congress members are the majority and continue a decades long stronghold in just a few states with 270 electoral votes, it seems feasible those states could control the presidency for decades through endorsements and what is new to our political process: alternative truths coming from all in the White House. I suppose we don’t have term limits because the very people there affect are never going to vote to change the law!

  3. Charlie Orellana | July 24, 2019 at 2:40 AM | Reply

    Gram should be shot in the back to reflect the traitor he is deep inside.

  4. Trump is clearly an illegitimate president and a Russian asset. He even admitted it in Helsinki.
    Trump, Kushner, Don Jr, and his other cohorts are Russian assets, willingly or unwillingly.  They are all compromised. And they became compromised the moment they starting having secret meetings with Russian officials/agents, and not reporting it. They then lied about those meetings when asked, which only confirmed to the Russians that Trump and his cohorts were willing to protect them by lying to FBI and to the American people. To any Russian spy, that’s a victory.

    The Russians were able to infiltrate and compromise Trump and his inner circle, by exploiting their hubris, their insatiable greed, naivety, lack of patriotism,  and by exploiting Trump’s malignant narcissism. Trump and his people presented themselves as easy targets.

  5. The GOP is not going along with it because if they did, they’d be exposed. They have been receiving Russian money through the NRA and “PACS” for decades.

  6. You heard him hydra infiltrated the white house!

  7. Giovanni Soave | July 24, 2019 at 2:58 AM | Reply

    Graham is the voice of Putin.

  8. IsThatTrue OrDidYouHearItOnFOX | July 24, 2019 at 3:10 AM | Reply

    Does anyone here expect any republican to lift a finger to hinder Russia with their efforts to sabotage our democracy/nation? Or do you expect the gop to assist Russia?

  9. Putin has the photos of Miss Graham’s PEDOPHILE adventures.

  10. Russia’s greatest assets are the shear numbers of Trump supporters and Boris Johnson’s supporters. It is not a majority in either party, but it is enough to make Putin the victor in both countries.

  11. Betraying John McCain, Lindsey Graham is a traitor to America by not preventing next stupid Russian cyber attack.

  12. Rome collapsed in the same way; It’s, “leaders,” were SO bad, they had everyone fighting each other, while the Goths entered at the Gates. Trump has destroyed the Republic . . . Smh

    • Adolf Trump didn’t do it alone.

    • Keoki Ciervo : Caesar took the hinges from the gates of Rome, and left them undefended, because Caesar works for the Goths. Worst, “President,” ever, in history, of ANY country 👍

  13. Yet McConnell and the Senate refuse to pass the bill to protect elections.

    • Carl Spackler | July 24, 2019 at 8:16 AM | Reply

      Elections should be protected; from mass voter fraud. If Democrats didn’t have voter fraud; they wouldn’t win much.

  14. There are studies about this phenomenon. Like with Mortgage Scams, and Time Shares. It’s not that they don’t get that they’ve been had. The people who supported Trump (politicians and punters) are just too ashamed and proud to admit just how completely they’ve been bamboozled. While there is, “hope,” remaining, that Trump could get away with covering it all up, they will keep doubling down, rather than be forced to admit they were fooled by such an embarrassingly OBVIOUS conman, with an IQ lower than their pet’s. People go to extraordinary lengths to save face, and experienced conmen KNOW this . . . SMH 👍✌️

    • Abe Froman The Sausage King of Chicago | July 24, 2019 at 4:26 AM | Reply

      Good point that may be true on the GOP level and some of the bigger contributors to the trump circus, but I believe a great number of the trump supporters still think they’re watching the 3rd season of The Apprentice Goes to Washington.

    • Abe Froman The Sausage King of Chicago : Those, “Pressure Sales Reps,” who worked for Trump University, never went away. They, “worked the pit,” at Trump Rallies, and got people to impulsively donate just that bit too much cash. People have said and done, “things,” that have cost them friendships, jobs, marriages. A good con man KNOWS, once you get them to, “Over Commit,” you HAVE them. From then on, THEY will do ALL the hard work FOR YOU. They indoctrinate themselves, seeking comfort and reinforcement, on Fox, RT, Alex-QAnon-Jones. And, when they start losing sleep over how much this has all cost them, they’re, “angered,” at the people who tell them, “You’ve been conned by a guy who’s dumber than your Goldfish!” So, they take News Reporting as a personal slight, and feel emotionally compelled to try to, “silence,” the doubt; thus we have Trolls, at the low end, and school shooters or Charlottesville Haters, at the extreme end. They CHEER while Trump gives them the EXACT OPPOSITE of EVERYTHING he promised. But, that voice in their heads just WON’T shut up; so, they come here and to CNN, etc, using insults, threats, ANYTHING! Just, DON’T remind them of reality, PLEASE? There’s still a chance that Trump can BURY reality, along with the last vestiges of our Democracy and our Republic. And, so long as that chance remains, they’ll CLING to it, out of SHAME, EMBARRASSMENT which has grown, over three years, into IMPOTENT RAGE.
      And, why are they quieter than usual? Because their network of, “international support,” their Russian Troll Army, working from bunkers all around the globe, have had ALL Leave Cancelled on the Mueller-Congress-Day. They will POUR out, in their MILLIONS, as soon as Mueller begins to speak. They’re saving themselves for that 👍✌️

    • what you evil liberals did them cops today , extremely disrespectful, I hope ice deports you all

    • Ash Roskell
      Its evident when a black trump supporter is confronted with trump’s record of racism, yet he stick with him on a “but the economy…” level, as if thats an argument to support a guy who disrespects you for the color of your skin. Or the white trump supporter who lost his job because his company came under intense pressure thanks to trump’s erratic tariff wars – its always somebody else’s fault but never the directly responsible clown in chief.

      I wonder how little your self respect must be to lie to yourself like that, only because you cant handle the truth. Its appalling.

  15. Lindsay Graham has a punchable face. His nose looks like it would poke his eye out if he fell.

  16. A recent poll taken in Germany …shows that the German people now see the.United States as being equal to Russia , and posing a threat to Germany and it’s people . …they now view us as being just as dangerous. And untrustworthy as they view Russia …that’s pretty astounding ..that we could drop so far in the eyes of the world n just 2 and half years .the entire world is watching evetything that’s going on here ..And dictators and despots are copying what trump has,been doing. .The entire world has been made than it had been only 3 years ago and democrats around the world are starting to crack .Rome fell in one day. .we are on the titanic , and we are going down . .

  17. It’s not Lindsay Graham who betrayed the country,or even Trump,but those who voted for them.They are the traitors who sold us to Russians.

  18. …..Clearly Trump’s elevator doesn’t run all the way to the top…..but even if it did all you would find is a full case of empties…..!!


  19. foreigner fan | July 24, 2019 at 8:27 AM | Reply

    Obama and Biden failed. And that’s a fact. Cheers from Toronto

  20. Allowing Russian interference is the only way the Republicans can win!

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