Protest Squabble in St. Thomas | 3 Shot in Clarendon | TVJ Midday News – May 25 2022

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  1. Weh dem want dem want de road fix yet them quarrelling about dust. I wish our own road could get a little marl too

    1. They/We want the road fixed without the worry of future health issues and also to be able to continue to run our business and make money without living in a cloud of dust. Get it!

  2. I’m happy they are fixing the road but they can fix it in smaller portions to avoid the excessive dust. It’s not fair that peoples houses are over casted in dust.

  3. The residents not protesting about the road work, they’re just fed up of dust and the slow pace of work that is going on. From St Thomas straight through to Portland for months nothing done on the road pertaining to work, that minster who said the work will finish August we dont believe you.

  4. “Can’t wet too often” can somebody tell this so called contractor that next week Wednesday is June 1. Since y’all don’t wanna wet the road. June rain will surely wet it! Let China harbour engineering company do the work! Problem solve!

  5. can parish council staff go out there with their tongue and wet the goddamn road as I said before I have no respect for authority

  6. Our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased. May the Lord give you peace and comfort in this difficult time. The government seems to enjoy watching the slaughtering of the citizens. When will it end?

  7. dem say them need the road to fix now the road a fix them a block the road what the hell them want

  8. Whappen tuh grover voice? 😂 I swear, these ole politricksions need to spend more time in retirement. Move out Henry Morgan house and allow fresh, innovative eyes to take up roles in parliament.

  9. Yes it’s true mi just come home off the road and mi clean mi house before mi leave and when mi come home back bare dust it’s very bad

  10. Howdy.
    What’s new in St. Thomas? Where is the elected official, the one who said don’t stop the progress? What is sad is, the people have turned on each other when their wrath should be fully directed at their political representatives who continue to fail them.

    Some level of discomfort and inconvenience is expected over the period of infrastructural development but this project is going and has been going at snail’s pace for years. It shows no respect or regard for the people of St. Thomas. The ask is not unreasonable, get the job done within a reasonable time, give quarterly updates virtually or in-person and show some respect for the people in the process by:
    1. Erecting clear signage that is visible both night and day.
    2. Instruct the women holding the signs to extend their hands in the air so that motorists can see the STOP or GO…..they seem to be more interested in covering their bleached skin from the sun than holding the sign for motorists to see.
    3. St. Thomas is not short of water. We have rivers, springs, a pond and the ocean. Schedule trucks to wet the roadways at least three times per day 9am/midday/4pm…..use money from the Constituency Fund or borrow trucks from the National Works Agency. This is NOT rocket science, it’s elementary!

    I’m from St. Thomas and I’m furious about the slooooooow pace of the road work. It has been dragging on for about 5 years and still it appears another 5 yrs to go – what the hell is taking so long? The next election and then say look what we are doing, don’t stop the progress!! When driving from Kingston to Morant Bay and from Morant Bay to Cedar Valley I feel sick on account of the constant shaking…I feel as though I’m suffering from vertigo – I’m forced to full over to steady myself. As a former Flight Attendant I was never affected by motion sickness even when there was mild turbulence during a flight. But here I am on land where the road surface is equivalent to a roller coaster or dirt track hoping that I don’t throw up!

    You Mr James Robertson, MP are a textbook example of how NOT to treat/relate to the people who elected you to office. Your representation is poor, wanting, unacceptable and I know you can do better. If you or a close relative of yours lived in Cedar Valley or Lyssons those roads would have been fixed well before this billion $ contract was signed!Treat we betta man! Saw you looking cooler than cucumber in the paper recently…something to do with farmers in St. Thomas and RADA. That’s good but make the road network from Kingston to St. Thomas a priority now.

    And we are still waiting to see the start and ultimate completion of construction of the much anticipated Morant Bay Urban Centre. Announcements and promises are all good. Deliver them – thank you.

  11. 3:38 one doesn’t have to wonder why there are so many accidents while overtaking another vehicle. No helmets either.

  12. This bauxite business in Jamaica is like the diamonds in Africa. The rich get richer and the poor man left to eat dirt.

  13. We MUST look at rare earth elements more seriously, this would allow for less extraction and increased profits. Not to mention more sustainable. We must recognize it’s a new world where economies have to adapt.

  14. Mr. Shaw said end of August when nothing is being don3 now…seems he’s not aware of the prob

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