Protesters block TransCanada Highway at the N.B.-N.S. border 1

Protesters block TransCanada Highway at the N.B.-N.S. border


The border between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick remains blocked in both directions on Wednesday morning, as residents on both sides of the border continue to protest Nova Scotia's restrictions on travellers from New Brunswick.

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    1. @JP Biscuit – damned right she did and the thin ice she’s been skating on with here constituents just cracked even more.

    2. @Troy Jollimore you are lucky i live in Moncton and haven’t seen my family for a year and a half they live in yarmouth

    1. @PhoenixHinds A country where the government can suspend all your rights at will. Yeah, everything is great!

    2. @PhoenixHinds Senior added section #33 to the Charter making it easier for the government to suspend the Rights and Freedoms granted in the charter. He was the best for sure lmao!

    3. @claudio Corleone That isn’t accurate. My father ALWAYS voted for the most conservative beliefs…and he was anti-liberal. If what you say is true, then it was a lot further back than Pierre.

    4. @No1 Noob When have they done this? I have been around for 56 years and have yet to see that happen.

  1. hm, the sole animal organism on the planet that prevents and obstructs itself from free travel. no other living creatures posses this curse and defect for they all go and come as they please unimpeded by anyone and anything. just shows who really is intelligent and superior.

  2. Another summer of blockades in the post nation state. Trudeau might have to bring in the PLA to beat them down

  3. Trudeau will kick the can until the Election in the fall. Then we can kiss their feet for the privilege of seeing our families.

  4. Charter rights…. Free to travel in Canada. Oh wait. Our charter has clauses they can just ignore them when needed

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