Protesters bring parts of Hong Kong to complete halt

Protesters bring parts of Hong Kong to complete halt 1


Hong Kong was hit with another day of turmoil after a man was shot by a police officer and another set alight following a confrontation with protesters in one of the most dramatic days in over five months of protests. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports from the Chinese University of Hong Kong where protesters appear to be doubling down.

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  1. So unfortunate that Hong Kong doesn’t have lithium or oil so western countries could come in to upheld democracy 🥺

    • @Ben Baker you cannot tell he was mocking!? wow.

    • @Ben Baker every and each single ISIS fighter is literally fighting for their lives.

    • In poly U violent protestors are smashing computers … research data that can actually make world a better place is destroyed (for example material study to reduce plastic wastes), please tell me why this is still a normal protest , as a researcher , I can only sigh and cry in heart

    • ScaredHitman086 | November 15, 2019 at 11:30 PM | Reply

      @hope re US die! 911 bruh, the last thing the US wants is to upset China right now. Trump is trying to suck up and get that sweet sweet trade deal bby. That would make no sense why we would help then when we have our own interests first

    • @Ben Baker
      Police in China do not shoot people on the streets, your cops do. United Snakes is a true police state

  2. they burn an old man alive. Tube and Facebook are deleting that video

    • In poly U violent protestors are smashing computers … research data that can actually make world a better place is destroyed (for example material study to reduce plastic wastes), please tell me why this is still a normal protest , as a researcher , I can only sigh and cry in heart

    • 。eliquette 魅 你怎么不表演一下 丧心病狂

    • Ethan Allen you are right, actually all protesters are hired by ccp lol

    • 。eliquette 魅 是的,他也没在icu里面,香港现在也没乱,一派祥和的景象

    • Councilman Les Wynan Yeah right. Actually all protesters are hired by ccp. Better excuse to flop yourself

  3. 1:22 I bet he mains Hanzo in Overwatch

  4. “It’s so interesting to see how organized they are…” ARE YOU SERIOUS?You call this,a group of people who carry bows and arrows on campus attacking innocent students, ORGANIZED?And,am I crazy?Does this sound interesting to all of you?People just walk by and get beaten,police officer‘s children got hurt,and you use the word interesting on these protesters?

    • Comrade Stalin | November 14, 2019 at 6:09 PM | Reply

      @Jay Welsh I don’t think that you understand that Hong Kong belongs to the CCP already. It is just given special privileges because of its economic value and China was not powerful enough to resist a foreign intervention if they took away what Hong Kong currently has many decades ago.

      But now? Hong Kong is not as important as it was economically, China is strong enough to fight any foreign power. And if the CCP want to make change, it’s because they’ve grown strong enough to do it. Hong Kong is a part of China and there is no such thing as “the CCP is not welcome in Hong Kong”. You cannot stop China’s unification of its territories, territories that were once invaded.

    • @Comrade Stalin Actually when China took HK back, Deng didn’t expect mainland to be developing this fast that it could catch up with HK within 50 years. HK is kinda like a middle area for trading back then in 1997, a gate way that both mainland and the western world could trust, which is also why GB wanted to take it in the first place. But this is for TRADING ONLY. Now that China is no longer in need of this gate way with itself being more open and becoming essential in global trade, a lot of other cities in China could serve the same role if HKers are happy to drop it. All it needs is simply a policy in favor for one city, say Shenzhen, HK would be back to the fish village as it was in 1840. Mainland government never got any taxation from HK since 1997 after all, so whatever drama they making, they can’t hurt mainland’s interest. They are only ruining their own future.

    • @Shaw Lu Look, another snobbish Asian. Trump has zero interest in your anus I guess..

    • Jacob Brown
      He is bad so ordinary people in HK need to suffer?
      Trump is a climate change deniers so Hawaii must be flooded to punish ordinary people there, really?!

    • ALLxTAE
      They are undergraduates, they don’t have a degree, what are you expecting?

  5. why the hell the reporter keeps laughing?

  6. Dragon Destruction | November 13, 2019 at 12:32 PM | Reply

    That dude with the bow is trying so hard to be an assassins creed character lel

    • howard13243883 | November 16, 2019 at 9:55 PM | Reply

      @No one For the first point, if you think it’s wrong for the US police to based their prejudice on the previous incidents members of minority groups involved in, then it’s also wrong for the police officer to shoot the unarmed protesters in Hong Kong.
      Second, you have said it yourself, in the US, there are legal process and other political mechanisms such as impeachment inquiry and election, what about in Hong Kong? Do you know why people have to go to the street to protest now?

    • @YUFEI HUANG I agree with you that the protesters shouldn’t target others who hold a different opinion. And I fear Hong Kong will become the next North Ireland. But the way to resolve it relies on the government. A quick solution is sending the People’s Liberation Army into Hong Kong to kill, just like 8964 (Not that I think it’s a right way to do). However, the Chinese top officers want to keep the unique status of Hong Kong and many of them still benefit from it. So I think the only way is to make concession. Otherwise, more and more similar incidents will happen.

      For the socialism part, Chinese government is not socialism, it’s more like fascism. The rights to speak and associate freely remain tightly. The courts obey the party’s directives. Official slogans increasingly exhort nationalism and “national rejuvenation,” a concept rooted in a mystical sense of nationhood popular with fascist thinkers in the last century. The passing of Mao did not lead to power-sharing, it just stripped China of its Communist ideology, and no convincing value system has filled the gap. Today the interest groups’ goal is to protect their own profit and power. They can only rely on power to rule, because they have no goal that convinces the people. So the state relies on power to suppress society and attain its objectives. I think there’s no other route the power holders can go.

      But this have gone too far from our original discussion. Back to the point, I am just saying it’s wrong to shoot the unarmed boy in that particular situation. And he’s not trying to take the gun from the police officer. That’s all.

    • @howard13243883 Well, that’s my point. I don’t think their purpose is pure. They are conducting crimes in the name of fighting for freedom and democracy. How can I trust their words? How can I know it was the whole story that the policeman pointed his gun at the student at first, and there was no other background? Hong Kong government did stop the extradition bill to China reacting to the protests. I believe the government is willing to compromise. However, the students ask the government not to judge their crimes, otherwise, they won’t stop. I look down on this behavior that they know they are breaking the law, but they don’t want to take the responsibility.

  7. This reporter looks very exciting about this.

  8. This protestors threw bricks, woods, chairs (or anything they can get their hands on) from the overpass bridge onto highway below. Do you think that was the right thing to do. People were driving to work and suddenly chair came from no where almost hit his vehicle.

    That is insane.

    These kids want democracy but when someone had different opinion the pour lighter fluid on him and set him on fire….. They just burn a guy alive.

    They charged police officer with iron rod, spears, bow arrow but when police shot them with rubber bullets and tear gas…. It’s police brutally… What!! When they got shot with real bullet after 3 of them fought with one police and try to grab his gun, they were shock.

    I am pro democracy but I dont think these kids truely understand what they are asking for. They claim to be pro democracy but even the simplest thing as “freedom of speech” is not allow.

    • SB废青 SB废青 | November 18, 2019 at 4:31 AM | Reply

      @Phillip Opfer My God, you’re out of your mind

    • @2B God so the video of a Hong Kong police officer swerving to hit protesters on his motorcycle are fake or the one where police take a bus and drive it into the crown of protesters is fake as well then.

    • @Phillip Opfer You talk as if those actions conducted by the police are somehow “unforgiving” and “aggressive”. But remember police and even innocent citizens in Hong Kong are constantly being attacked and threatened. There are indisputable laws saying that police have the right to intervene or even kill people that are deemed dangerous and threaten the lives of others. If this level of chaos protests happened anywhere else, like in Britain or the United States, I believe more serious measures would have been taken to wipe out the riot. The sole reason why the police in Hong Kong are still trying to maintain order with only “swerving to hit protesters” and “take a bus and drive it into the crowd of protesters” is because the western world constantly takes moral hostages of China, using “democratic freedom” as a weapon to demonize the communist party. If not for foreign interference like this the people’s liberation army would have gone into Hongkong with tanks and airforces long ago(Hong Kong is literally a warzone right now).

    • @Phillip Opfer There are even videos of unarmed troops from mainland cleaning up bricks and debris after the protesters left. What a joke for the 3rd most powerful military entity on earth.

  9. Shawn Li: the story of Shenzhen: a fishing village transforming into a megacity; the story of Hong Kong: a megacity transforming into a fishing village

    • Jimmy Wijaya omg this view of isolation is so innocent… UK is never able to support HK to grow into the city it is today. Don’t forget they themselves are now in trouble because of the BREXIT.

    • Jimmy Wijaya No one ‘would still be fine and wealthy regardless who is getting richer or poorer’. I have to say your argument is untenable coz each part of the world is connected, directly or indirectly, not to mention that HK is geographically part of Chinese mainland and people there speaks the same language(Cantonese) with provinces around it. It is naturally part of China, and this is internal affairs of this country, by which I mean involving UK is ridiculous.
      The shrinking in the percentage of gdp doesn’t mean it’s getting poor, you’re right about this, but it do mean the influence of the city is declining in economic aspect, and it simply don’t play an important role. Chinese central government lays stress on HK not because it want benefits of economy or sth else, but the sovereignty is unchallenged.

    • Jimmy Wijaya if you didn’t investigate the situation of China, reaching a conclusion is just that arbitrary. Won’t you really think any country with a corrupted system can become world’s second economic entity in 30 years and keep its status up to now?
      btw do you know that Hk dollar was once targeted by George Soros? But for the support of foreign exchange reserves from the central government, your so-called clean financial system in HK would have collapsed already. Gains comes with pays, that’s totally a fair thing.

    • Queenie Sis3 I have to remind you that HK isn’t a country😂

    • Jimmy Wijaya guess you never went to college or maybe high school

  10. They are so organized and peaceful with their petrol bomb — cnn

  11. Is looks like the reporter is exciting about this tragedy, I have no idea what she is thinking. She sounds like she is reporting a football game. 🤮

  12. looks like the CNN reporters are very happy that this is happening in other countries

  13. They throw the gasoline bomb to stop children school buses!

  14. CNN: “They are fairly democratic on deciding where they are going to burn”

    • @0IIIIII hk didnt have democracy with u.k. what are you talking about

    • paul li U.K. respected HK’s human rights post-WWII, and helped lay the ground work for the current democracy today.

    • Jingjing Trump is NOT comparable to the CCP. If Trump was transforming US into a dictatorship, then I’d say his brainwashed supporters should be attacked. HK is in a fight for its future

    • Chao Qin US is a democracy with strong human rights. China is a regime with poor human rights. There is no moral equivalence. China is a menace

    • 0IIIIII
      Nope, some protesters are fighting for their privilege over people who disagrees with them and the rest people are just fighting for a normal life. You have to stop immerse yourself in the self-pity emotion and look around and find a more objective perspective.
      You know why young students tends to uphold protests and movements? Cos they are enthusiastic and easy to incite. You know why these movements seldom bear any fruit? Cos they think they know better and unable to walk in other’s shoes.
      You have to obtain basic knowledge about the working mechanisms behind the system to find out why the system is not working for you, how could it be improved, and knowledge about human nature to understand people and their possible reactions and the reason behind those reactions, then you can make your own decisions on which direction to move, don’t get manipulated and used. I wish nobody gets hurt from now on, including all protesters, but you guys have to stop hurting people, stop hurting other members of your community first.

  15. Just a quote of the best comment I actually ever see.
    “Western media want to see China has 64 Hong Kong version.
    China want people to see the negative of democrazy.
    Two politic parties of Hong Kong caused the conflict personally.
    Yet, young Hong Kong students want to play GTA in real life.”

  16. “So organized’” the reporter is so happy that the school was being destroyed.

  17. The rioters who claim to be “innocent students” kill a 70-year-old man today!!! They are murders!!!!!

    • ScaredHitman086 | November 16, 2019 at 4:50 PM | Reply

      @No one so I’m guessing you don’t support HK protests? Peaceful or not? The nonviolent protests in the summer had overwhelming support from over half of HK. I don’t agree with what some of the current protesters are doing, but that doesn’t mean their opinion is a minority as you are being led to believe…

    • ScaredHitman086
      I totally support it at the beginning, before the occupy airport episode, I admire the spirit and solidarity showed until that point, and it would be perfect if things were kept like the beginning.
      Watch the interview plz, then you can see why I feel it that way.

    • OneStop4Sports | November 18, 2019 at 7:43 PM | Reply

      The elites are playing with our emotions we need become one and take the elites out here..but to tell u the truth it’s to late we will never become one they been at work for years to have this power Nd have this matrix to move on ..

    • ScaredHitman086 Why would I support the “peaceful protesters” who tortured a man in the airport, beaten up and set fire on everyone who disagree with them, burnt everything they don’t like, killed a man who was cleaning up the mess they made, forced people to sacrifice their job and life for their “democracy” and so much more~

    • ScaredHitman086 actually the rioters are people who were provoked by the politicians, riches, traitor. Moreover, if you have watched the news, you can see that their actions have nothing to do with their purpose. I don’t think they are people that worth my respect and support. They are just criminals and rioters.

  18. “Interesting to see how organized they are” ……………….

  19. I wonder if one of the states in US having this kind of “Protest”, what action will US Government taken??

  20. Foreign interference,
    deport all foreign media out of Hong Kong, they only flame the situation and make things worse.

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