Protesters Raise Doubts About Markland's Guilt & Death | TVJ News - June 22 2021 1

Protesters Raise Doubts About Markland’s Guilt & Death | TVJ News – June 22 2021


Another twist in the case of the man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend on Saturday in Kellits, Clarendon protesters were out in their numbers in the community earlier today raising doubts about the young man's guilt and questioning the accounts of his death.

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  1. Where were these folks when the community tried Jungle Justice after the slaughter of a pregnant woman

    1. What your talking about when they man kill is girlfriend but I don’t watch the news last. night

  2. What I don’t understand if they said he was rushed to the hospital how the mother witness them taking his body from the cell. Something not right with the story

  3. Ppl that don’t really talk r most times dangerous. Most will keep everything inside and then blurt out don’t play with them .

    1. Yes most times they r dangerous because they don’t know how to express them self with ppl because they really don’t want to be judge and that’s one of the biggest fears . Sometimes you see some ppl they be going through a lot of stuff and that’s y we as humans if we don’t have nothing good to say to ppl just leave them alone cause ppl be crazy . Rip to both family’s am nobody to judge .

    2. @Blueberry Styles I disagree. Extroverts can be dangerous too. I don’t think certain characteristics such as violence and aggression can be attached as having a more preponderance on your communication style or tendency…….Introverts are most times dangerous…..

    3. I was thinking the same thing. You do not trouble quiet people. You never know what they are thinking and capable of. That is not to say all quiet people are murderers.

  4. suh if the police never take him into custody would he be alive???? or dead anyway but more brutally and u may have to bury him in a close casket…..just a thought

  5. See this is why I can’t support the death penalty… Not until everything can be totally investigated ..
    First they wanted to kill him ..then they are pissed that he’s dead..
    Is he a murderer …? Is he innocent..?
    Mad tings..!

    1. A 2 different community thats why, this is his people the girl community wanted to kill him

  6. Notice HOW quickly the narrative shifted. From the female being killed to the demise of CJ. Ns.

  7. Well he was not behaving like he was innocent when the police held him most likely him guilty. However, the police should never have intervene if they were only going to kill him in lock up.

    1. Do you know how much innocent people react in that manner, especially overseas and when they get shot they realize he was innocent

    2. @GODFALL I guess but he was not even saying anything in the video but then he could be lying…all of this is too sad

    1. The protesters are most likely from his community. The persons in the other video are from the community that the girl lived

  8. This full of twist like an episode of GAME OF THRONES… condolences to both sides, I don’t have nothing else to say.

  9. Imagine, a young woman one month away from giving life to a second child was murdered like an animal and now the focus is on whether the suspect committed suicide or not? So her life is of so little value that she is not even mourned for a week? This is the value of the Jamaican woman?

    1. Yes because when men die people dont mourn for weeks or days, he is dead and its over, same for women, equal rights

    2. Weather its him kill the girl yes or no ..thats is a brutal slaying..and he should pay the price..but look the way he died its questionable..

    3. He’s a suspect.. he wasnt found guilty. If he didn’t commit the crime then there’s a murder out there.

  10. So nobody protested for a lady that was murdered with a baby inside her . Sick world we living in.

    1. Wicked family them the silence mad boy have Them talking about their part the family of the boy must put up

  11. The same persons that cried HOSANNAH Is the same persons that Cried, CRUCIFY HIM. THIS WORLD IS TWISTED !!!!!

  12. “Like sand through the hour glass so are the days of our lives” a thorough investigation pls!!

  13. So initially everyone was for crucifying him and justice for the girl now its Justice for him and complete silence for the girl? Utter disgrace

  14. So sad, Jesus is the answer for all the world today including my country Jamaica.

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