Protesters storm Sri Lanka’s PM’s office after president flees | USA TODAY

Protesters storm Sri Lanka's PM's office after president flees | USA TODAY 1


    1. @A C what I’m saying is the economy just doesn’t disappear and collapse it could slow down and stop growing and go the other way but it just doesn’t vanish into thin air it’s not like a natural disaster or something

  1. Morocco says that they are the ones who discovered America because they are the oldest kingdom on earth

  2. Morocco: We are the oldest kingdom on human earth that started from Morocco, and Morocco is the one who discovered America 😂😂

  3. Imagine how unhinged the corporate media would be if this was the states. They are still crying about 10 people walking through the capitol building 2 years ago.

    1. It’s going to happen everywhere. Jesus is coming for believers soon and the Tribulation will begin for the rest of the world. Most are doomed unless they believe in Jesus Christ.

  4. They are protesting because their country is adopting green policies and it has further divided the poor from the wealthy. Also, they had a poor harvest for tea, one of Sri Lanka’s main sources of income. No doubt that if you listen to Greta your country will most likely bankrupt itself. One of my favorite movies to come out last decade was Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar (2014). In Interstellar, Earth is as bad as politicians and climate scientists constantly tell us it is. I’m not denying that Earth might look something like Interstellar within the next 100 years but the films message of *stay* is a beautiful one. Stay here and someone or something will come along to fix this problem. Stay on Earth and we will find the solution, we always have, even if we wait till the 11th hour to take action we will find a way to keep on moving forward.


    1. They are protesting because gas is high , food storages and power cuts…

      This ain’t a film and it’s not deep…

  5. These people are badass we need more people like this in the world to stand up to evil politicians like kim jong un, vladamir putin and Donald Trump ✊️🇱🇰

  6. people are fed up cant wait to see this here with real the real hero’s of america may God Bless us all

    1. @Appalachian Patriot honestly why are they blaming trump for the Jan 6 protest he never said to raid the captaial

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