PSAC strike an early “Christmas” for Poilievre: Nanos | TREND LINE

CTV News' Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos break down the strike by federal workers and the impact on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the government – Nik says it's a political 'Christmas' Pierre Poilievre's Conservatives

Then, Nik and host Michael Stittle discuss the key takeaways from two key committee meetings, one looking into foreign interference in our elections, and another debating over Bill C-21, the Liberal government's controversial gun control legislation.

Also, a key German official visited Ottawa and is hoping Canada will become a strong energy partner, but Nik thinks it could be hard for us to take advantage of the opportunity.

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    1. @Jay Gray I’d be homeless asking for 45% more. Showing up to work 2 days a week is 2 days too many? I would not order them back to work, like the traffic controllers I’d fire the lot of em like Reagan. Hire contract only.

    2. @Jay Gray That is true. They would have everyone working for free as slaves if they had thier way. That is why @IstandWithTrudeau

    3. @Wuhan flu You mean you’d take away their RIGHT to collective bargaining. That sounds like a conservative. Just because workers ask for something, doesn’t mean they’ll get it. Nor does it mean they should get fired.

  1. If this union called for the Emergencies Act for the truckers’ protesters then there should be no problem to call it again for this disruption.

    1. @Paul Kelly but public protest is not alowed to block ports of any kind land train or ocean!!….and thats what they have already threatened to do!!

    2. @lots ofwind There is a huge difference. The difference is these workers are not trying a coup or wanting to topple the government. What they are asking is fair and the government should respect that and grant their wishes. These methods are helping them get noticed and be listened.

    3. This union didn’t call for the emergency act. The parliament did. They aren’t there same group of ppl.

  2. It will be interesting if back to work legislation is used and how NDP will vote if the risk of an election becomes real. I think Jagmeet will flake out and vote for his pension πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    1. @Zwicker by the amount of money they dont have to pay them while they are on strike. The unions have to pay them so that way the government can put what they would be paying them into a money making fund.

    2. @Janet Stokes this doesnt make any sense? The government is losing money with strikers not saving money

  3. “a special unique kind of incompetence that only this prime minister could pull off” oh how true Pierre.

  4. Other workers in the private sector are being told to go back to the workplace. Why not government workers?

    1. ​@MsSimpleMovies because it is Not productive as a result and companies are losing.. why do you think backlogs? Call person doing dishes in underpants

    2. @plantbasedstrong Wrong. Because who sets the goals and productivity? The employer. If goals are met, who cares?

    3. Because the government workers deserve to be paid their worth and treated with respect. They have some of the most important jobs in the country and all of Canada should have their back. The country could not operate with these civil servants. They deserve what they are asking, plain and simple. Teachers and Nurses also need to be paid more along with many other civil servants. It should be a 30% pay increase across the board.

    4. Many private sector companies have implemented a hybrid of working from home and in the office. Not all were ordered back to the office.

  5. there is a massive amount of money being saved with this strike so why not let them strike forever

    1. These workers play a vital part in our economy and the countries operation. Pretty soon the pain will be felt across the entire nation. Many of them have very important jobs that are a necessity in our society. I hope the government gives them what they are asking because they 100% deserve it. Civil servants hold the most important jobs in the country and must be treated with respect.

    2. ​@AxionXIII they get full pay from the strike fund (which they contributed to/not tax dollars) ….. they are NOT paid by the employer.

    3. ​@Kriss Kross they aren’t paid by their employer/tax dollars. They get full pay from a strike fund. That’s how unions and strikes work. They pay union dues and some of that is saved for strike pay.

  6. The idea that Justin has no connection to the Foundation is an insult to our intelligence. He is named as a successor and will go straight back to the foundation after his reign eventually ends. His family runs it for him while he’s PM. He knows everything that goes on within the Foundation.

    1. @Stallion Stud regardless i have an issue with him benefiting from it, once he leave office.
      its not morally right, and a conflict of interest.
      we all know he still has a say behind vlosed doors.

      dont fool yourself

    2. @Rob Davidson How is it a conflict of interest? Its not different then having when a politician pushes their businesses they own under a trust out of their control while they are in office. In this case there is even a greater arms length since he does not own or operate the charity. Its a no issue. Cons grasping at straws is all it is trying to make something out of nothing.

    3. @Stallion Stud im not a conservative, eitherway he WILL benefit from it after leaving office.
      i dont agree with him doing or any other politician regardless of political strip, PERIOD

  7. Eviction, election, what’s the difference. We need the sheriff. We need the Royal arm of the law to call an election.

  8. If they would say yes to work from home, they could downsize so many offices and save the country a tonne of money in overhead.

    1. As long as they keep those jobs in the country, which is one thing the union is fighting for them to guarantee. Hopefully most Canadians don’t want their confidential info being sent to a call centre in India.

  9. I think pollieves and this party actually have the demographics to work within the framework of unions with support from provincial labour legislation

  10. If it doesn’t happen they can further there control regulating higher prices and not having to share the botty like were gonna see any of it

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