PSAC update on negotiations as strike enters Day 5 | Union president hopeful deal will be reached

Treasury Board’s lengthy response time is ‘unbelievable,’ Chris Aylward says, although he remains hopeful both parties will secure a deal.

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  1. Plain spoken person no nonsense person. He sounds earnest in wanting a deal.

    What a refreshing surprise compared to that politician women.. who constantly double speaking and never answers a single question.

  2. 2021, 2022, and 2023’s inflation numbers were 13.8%

    PSAC is asking for 13.5%, which is MORE than reasonable than the 9% offered.

    1. @TCinthe6  This is not true. Not sure where you’re getting that information…. but it is incorrect.

    2. @njam101 not true. And if it was that uncompetitive over the last 10 years, they all would have gone to the private sector unless they were idiots, in which case they reap what they sow.

    3. except the unions calculations are from MARCH 2020-2023 .. 2020 and up till June 2021 was already addressed in the previous contract that expired on June 20, 2021. Inflation from contact expiry to today is roughly 9%, exactly what the government is offering. I’m on the side of fairness and this offer is perfectly fair!! Remember its YOU the taxpayer that will pay for these higher wages with HIGHER taxes!!

  3. Amazing how his tone has softened just 24 hours after calling the treasury board “incompetence”.
    “…We are trying to have the least amount of impact on Canadian”—makes perfect sense when you’re asking for 13.5% pay raise during recession and all Canadian tax payers are paying for it, not to mention the strike that’s happening right now. BRAVO

  4. Every single one of these services provided by unionized workers can be outsourced to other Canadians for better value to the tax payer.

    1. @Space Jesus worked out well for Torpnto and garbage collection. Saved the tax payers 11 million a year, no service interruptions, and better service. Do the same for these over paid office workers that can’t even process passports ontime.

    2. @TCinthe6 If you want your personal information outsourced to the lowest bidder have at it.. i certainly do not

    3. Guess you missed the whole ArriveCan debacle that was outsourced….or any of the other scandals where the government paid millions and didn’t know where the money even went. 😂

  5. The workers deserve to be compensated and it is possible for all if our government stop squandering our tax dollars

    1. Typical. Lots for the Public Sector but nothing for seniors. Don’t say the seniors got ?% because 4% of $80,000 is a lot more then 4% of $6000. But then again only a few of the Public Sector are apparently capable of doing math. “It comes off our paychecks….we pay for it”. What a bunch

    2. @Ray Dimmock  Who’s making the $80k? I’m at less than $50k as a coast guard employee. An increase to match inflation would be the least I expect in the new agreement.

    3. @Bill Ryan Then you have to build up your skills and not depend on the taxpayers just to give you more because you want more

    1. There is a very easy way to deal with this:

      1) Get rid of the RAND formula that is what gives the unions such power and money. It states that if you work in a place that has a union you must pay union dues no exception. Joining the union will cost you 1 dollar.

      2) Stop having the employer collect the union dues. This has nothing to do with the employer let the union make its own arrangements.

      3) Declare Ontario a right to work Province. It is up to the individual to decided if they want to pay union dues or not

      4) Tax the Unions. Under Canada’s current taxation system unions pay no taxes on dues collected. That’s right those stalwart bastions of society and the social safety net don’t pay a cent to support it. Now you know where unions get all their money.

      5) Maybe Unions have to publicly list where all their money is spent. The embers do not have a clue how much waste there is and the union management spends money on causes the members totally do not agree with. This would be all costs as well including salaries. Want to see sky high salaries and pensions look no further than any union.

  6. Canadian Gov workers are the privelaged class in our society. The best compensation, best job security, best pension, best time off, least amount of required effort. Yet they still want more, at our expense (the tax payers).

    1. ​@Ray Dimmockwhy because they’re doing what unionized worker are supposed to do? You’re hilarious 😢

    2. @coolbuddydude1 No it’s Upper middle class right after the 1% lol Oh BTW that’s Before taxes don’t forget.

  7. Government should respect hard working government workers, work from home is normal in today’s world.

    1. Ya,, Let’s change the Public Sector to Paymore & Doless. You think we’re in bad shape now…..Give that a try and we might as well close down Canada

    2. “Norm in todays world” so is high debt, high taxes, inflation, crime, homelessness and drug ODs. I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to stay home given the Liberal/NDP induced norms.

    3. that was an anomaly due to the pandemic. The employer has 100% rights to determine location of work. don’t like it? leave and find an employer that will tolerate remote work. spoiler alert, very few are in the mood these days!!

  8. They have no issues sending money to other countries, but can’t pay their own employees a decent wage. What a shame!

  9. The Union have a sticking point to which they are objecting. The government want all the Members to attend mandatory customer service courses, so they can become “civil” servants.

  10. HOW!!😊 I know it’s possible, my sister always get 40K every week, I would appreciate if you show me how to go about it.

  11. In my opinion Treasury Board is enjoying the interest they’re making on 1) the wages they’re not paying during the strike 2) the wage increases they’re refusing to give. In my opinion, they’ve done calculations, and they’re in no rush.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, and if I was the government I would drag this ridiculous strike on until the end of the year.

    2. The person in charge of the treasury board failed to do their job for 2 years after their employees’ contract ended and gave themselves a $15,700 raise on April 1st. That’s a 1 year increase of 5.7% but then offers 9% over 3 years to everyone else so I’m not surprised they’re striking if that’s what their bosses are doing on the same day of tax hikes for Canadians.

      The government doesn’t collect interest on wage holdbacks, they continue to be paid automatically until the strike is over and then it’s clawed back. The longer the strike goes on the more it will cost because they’ll have to pay overtime or outsource to get caught up.

    3. @Chris R Wow! That’s disgusting!!! I’m glad to know no interest is gained by government on the wages during the strike, honestly. Thanks for the info.

  12. It’s interesting that 43,400 members (28%) can determine the fate of the entire 155,000 PSAC collective !! What happened to the wishes of the other 72% (RAND members??) hmmmm ?

  13. 100,000 employees on the picket lines? I don’t think so!! There are plenty that are working from home or crossing the picket line on a daily basis. Others who have mobility issues etc who cannot strike, are also not getting strike pay since they can’t show up in person. It’s a bit hypocritical to demand remote work rights and then FORCE your members to attend the picket line in person!

    1. They aren’t demanding remote work, they’ve had telework for over 10 years with expansion during Covid because of lockdowns. They are only asking for it to be part of a collective agreement which is to the benefit of both the government AND their employees.

      The government already retracted a promise of saving 3 billion per year in office space costs to cater to businesses in downtown Ottawa, which I don’t agree the rest of Canada should be paying for.

    2. @Chris R Remote work (or Telework) only makes sense for a few very specific job roles. What about the security side of things? Home networks are not as secure as those in government buildings. Are you comfortable with your personal information being possibly intercepted by hackers targeting weak networks?

    3. @Chris R yet the government was perfectly content to pay for that office space for at least TWO years during the pandemic. I’m on the side of small ,struggling businesses so if that means you need to commute to the office every day, so be it! support local business!!

  14. Mona Fortier and other officials have taken 4… yes, FOUR… pay increases since the pandemic.

    She has ignored requests for negotiations for MONTHS leading up to this strike.

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