PSAC worker reacts to Ottawa’s new offer: ‘I’m ready to get back to work’

As the federal government tabled a new offer in the negotiations with PSAC, workers with the union say they are eager to get back to work.

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    1. @Philippe Chartrandmost of the office space in NCR was at 60 percent capacity pre COVID. There is plenty of office space if everything becomes transient / shared. The issue is everyone MUST have there own desk for some reason.

    2. @Dave J that probably means public servants do a lot more work from home, because the socializing is way less.

    3. @Philippe Chartrand well they do, but not their own. The hybrid work means they have to book desks and share and not leave anything behind.

    4. @Afr0Thunder Games depends on the job. Its difficult to do team work remotely. Hybrid model works well. The technical pers won’t have a choice. Cant turn wrench remotely.

    1. If you support a fair deal for the PSAC workers, please contact your local MP and urge them to get treasury board to offer a fair deal.

  1. Life in Ottawa must be unbearable! All the loud speakers and street closures. Where is the emergency act??

  2. I don’t feel comfortable having someone do my taxes in their own home so they can sell it to marketers/scammers

    1. They use the same government issued laptop at home as they would at work. All their computer actions are tracked. They pass criminal record checks. Your info is safe.

    1. @Afr0Thunder Games yes we have and it’s not much maybe 30 percent of what anyone does in the private sector.

    1. Since when making 42000 a year and living in major Canadian cities is called overpaid? Are you 5 years old?

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