1. @Jonas Burrell you mean the entitlement you feel you have to tell others how to live their lives? Yea, its going to be a killer.

    2. @Jessy James so putting others at risk to satisfy your sense of “rights” is the answer? Your a selfish self centered individual who can’t see past himself let alone see the bigger picture that is covid and the responsibility we all have to do our part to stop the spread.

    3. @hhiippiittyy There is an old saying kick a dog you might get bit, or if you can’t sing it don’t bring it, common sense + respect is safer, this video is a side effect, caused by the restriction stranglehold, hoping Bonnie Henry can see it.

    1. @Jessy James Walmart has a door greeter and a security guard at front entrance, alright. I know trust me.

    2. @Jessy James Maybe on a break/washroom visit or shift change. Walmart always have security personnel on site, but most small biz dont. Look i dislike Ford, but for once he doing the right move.

    3. @Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre or maybe they were just as useless at securing the premises as the greater and didnt intervene? You can look all big and tough in your jacket with “security” on it but when fist start flying that label doesn’t mean anything.

    1. It sounds like it was late and probably no one else was there

      Edit: Nm, I was wrong. I think everyone was just shocked. But ya, they should’ve tried to deescalate it

  1. At least she was somewhat able to defend herself . The Walmart employee in the States got a real beating …

    1. @peg jones did you see the video . Someone gets in my face like she did . She’s a bully and now she plays victim . She’s not an angel

  2. If someone came into my house and decided to be belligerent rather than leave when asked multiple times, yea I’d bring out the bat. Try calling me a fascist after I’ve thrown up a stupid fuss in your home.

  3. Regardless of what you think about wearing a mask or closing time the server is not where to take the complaint.

  4. This obviously isn’t right. But this is what happens when you make arbitrary ridiculous rules and then make business owners and workers police the public.

  5. Someone told me the chaos that closing booze stores would cause is why they are open, detox can kill some alcoholics.

  6. did you really look at the video? how come everybody drinking has masks on? lol i’m not sure where CTV’s heads are at, but if you’re going to drink/eat at pub, then surely you have to remove your masks or bring additional clothing, right? Now, i’m seriously wondering how accurate this entire video is.

  7. Regardless of your position on wearing a mask, nobody should have to take this abuse, especially for doing their job.

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