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  1. What is this. You said that there was no money for the teachers and public sector, yet your salary has risen over 250%. This is crazy. 250, 150%, 100%. This is madness. The Government of Jamaica had lied to us. This is why you could not pay the teachers.

    1. Will you remember this when the next election comes around, or will you drink the kool-aid and put them back in office?

  2. And with all that big increase for them. we the people (call center workers, nurse, police, garbage collectors, hotel workers, farmers, teachers) and the list goes on are still suffering…… praying for that day when things will be better for us too. God please help us 🙏🏽.

    1. @Alexander Cameron what is you considered “sizable”. You all are just propping up ineptness and bs.

  3. This is disgraceful!!!!essential workers should have gotten that pay increase police, teachers and nurses😒

    1. suh a permanent secretary pay dem want match islike when yuh in a bpo an get more pay dan supervisor an supervisor vex

  4. I’m overseas and I read it online, I thought that it was a joke, how could this be possible when public service workers and the poor are suffering, remember that you are the servant of the people, that is why you’re there, God will judge you all, those who are doing the dirty work and dangerous jobs are being treated like nothing and getting the pot scraping.

    1. the poor needs to demand higher wages from their employers. politicians gettimg less pay will not help the poor.

  5. So basically, you’re saying that the government has been robbing the Jamaican taxpayers for years, it’s nothing new. You just felt like informing us this year, we should be happy, that you all are so transparent, there is absolutely no reason for outrage.

  6. Don’t look to these criminals, this is just horrible 4% increase for Teachers and 100-250% for these thieves? 😢

    1. Well, remember, the Minister of Financr said that Teachers are
      Magicans, so he is expecting the Teachers to Work Magics to increase their Salary.

    1. Same suh them buy that with jlp in power them can leff door open 😂
      And lock down a fi all Jamaicans 😂

  7. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, sir! A moral responsibility to the citizens of Jamaica is paramount! Why a 200% raise when the ones holding our country together have such an incredibly difficult time getting better wage packages?! WICKEDNESS!

    1. Hay, those people have big bills to pay! You can’t expect these VIPs/big wigs to live like ordinary people, can you?🤣🤣

  8. Greetings from England. These salary increases for the Prime Minister downwards are truly disgusting! There are Jamaican citizens living without running water, old colonial-built bridges in use that are partially collapsed, poor living conditions everywhere that puts peoples lives at risk, young men being sucked into lives of crime because they are unlucky enough to be born into cramped, overcrowded communities that have not changed for the past 30 years. Jamaica is the most indebted island in the Caribbean owing over a staggering 797 million dollars to the IMF. There must be only a few political parties anywhere in the democratic world that are awarding themselves such grand increases whilst those at the bottom are suffering so badly financially. Could it be that the JLP have been in power for so long now that they have come to assume that the affluent life is their natural right? Truly disgusting!

    1. You make mention of the amount of money owed to the IMF but no mention of the amount that Jamaica owed China! The IMF loan no one knows where that money went! The roads are in very bad shape, before independence the British seem to do a okay job but no up grade on what the British left!

    2. @Trevor Bolto Jamaica had roads before independence? Are you referring go old farm roads as roads? Jamaica was a slave farm before independence so just cut the BS

    3. Why don’t you worry about your own counrty and your politician’s curruption and mind your own business? Why are you inserting yourself in other people’s politics? politicians should be paid well so they have no excuse for curruption.

  9. It’s funny how they can find money to fund these massive pay increases for them, but minimal increases for Teachers, Police, public sector workers etc, etc. Our roads are in deplorable conditions, some people are not able to access proper water system, our schools are lacking in basic learning materials, kids are going to bed hungry, the list goes on. If the Prime Minister and his Cronies have any conscience, they would refuse these pay increases. Can’t see it happening though!!!

    1. Think about what you said “logically”. How much teachers and police officers we have? Its hypocrisy yes but make sense before you comment

    2. Well the increases that I saw on TVJ for public sector workers are MASSIVE some from 3M to 6M etc. Please see if one can see the news and decide for oneself what is going on.

    3. Hear him talking about accountability …they do not care about the people only their pockets and their families

    4. so because jamaica is moving to be a republic having a president being independent from king charles the politicians in jamaica are aligning their pay with those of first world countries that are republics

  10. I think it was a small increase. They should have said everyone should work and get no pay and they take it ALL.
    Unbelievable Greed!! May it nourish their bodies and give them good sleep.
    What a life?

  11. Six months ago, I was watching the news when the PM said he is aware of the roadblocks people had put up in districts all over the island because of bad roads. He said there is simply not enough money in the budget to fix all the roads. There is enough money to give themselves this massive pay raise?

    These politicians, PNP and JLP alike absolutely do not care about the country. The roads, hospitals, schools and water supply are deplorable, and these leaders are tone deaf, completely disconnected from the people.

    Worst of all, come election time most of the people will behave like lap dogs, jumping up for these robber barons.

    Jamaica is a kleptocracy, pure and simple.

  12. God help Jamaica!! I’m sorry for the poor Jamaica I served in the public sector system and I struggled to meet my needs, I migrated and honestly it was probably the best decision i could have ever made in my life. What I earned then per month is being made in a week

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