Putin announces Russia will annex four regions of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has formally announced the Kremlin’s intention to annex nearly a fifth of Ukraine in blatant violation of international law. #CNN #News


    1. @DivaCroft it was never been their land, never.. This is asian country, they are descendants from Mongolian imperia. They are even not slavic, The Russian dont understand the slavic languages as Ukrainian, Bélarus, Poland, Chekh, Slovakia etc. I can confirm that as a Belarusian Citizen. the Russian are Orda

  1. I would like to announce that denmark have conducted an email referendum, we own those four states and we are giving them back to ukraine.

  2. I knew putin was gonna be trouble when i first set eyes on him when he just became president
    How can any good come from a face like his.

  3. North Korea looking chalky in 2022…
    This looks very familiar. But at least those in NK follow their ultra leader for fear of their lives.
    Here, I see a room full of people on standby, low power mode, just going with the tide.
    It cannot end well.

  4. I think of Palestine. Has the US imposed sanctions on Israel? Have Western countries sanctioned Israel? Where was your justice then? You are not qualified to evaluate Putin

  5. The silent majority look as bewildered as ever,the little man’s ego doesn’t have any limits. I wise man once said “Do not ask for something you cannot take”

  6. Telling the West still living like the colonialism after he colozined 4 cities of a sovereign country. Hypocricy knows no boundaries.

    1. @Robert stop talking to bots. It’s fun but we should stop now. Stop giving them legitimacy, stop their paychecks

  7. Interesting time to jump back in and “sum up” what Putin is saying. 😂 as soon as Putin mentions past colonialism, racism and slavery

  8. What happened to all the Denazification stuff? Did he forget about that? Now it’s all about annexing ”old” Russian land, what a a clown!

    1. We know his issues. He hates that people in the West have freedom of media/speech, he hates that we have competent militaries and decent universities, he hates that we don’t respect Russian fascism. He should get used to disappointment.

  9. “I would like to honor them with a moment of silence “ everyone starts clapping 🤦🏽‍♂️ Putin face 😐

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