Putin claims victory in Mariupol | CTV News in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed victory in Mariupol, despite some final defenders remaining. Daniele Hamamdjian reports.

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    1. @EthioCrypto Defense companies , weapons manufacturers and corrupt politicians are making a lot of money….

    2. @EthioCrypto Russia controls 13% of Ukraine with 3% allrady part of the Russian federation.
      700,000 eastern Ukrainians have all ready received Russian citizenship not included Crimea.
      Eastern Ukraine is very rich with natural resources and iys primarily ethnic Russians tatars and Greeks.
      Since 1990 the donbass was in conflict with the western Ukrainian over discrimination against ethnic Russians.

    1. @Lord Vader well it’s about symbolism, Russia said they were going to crash them and now has bitched out, Russia is afraid to try to take the planet because they know they can’t, that’s telling about the quality of Russia’s combat power, Russia has been trying to give off the impression it’s all powerful,

  1. He was literally 100% gonna do this. So let’s see, he used 10 divisions, hundreds of planes, heli’s, tanks, APC’s, 195,000 troops and captured what? A small town that held half million, wow.

    1. @Collin MacInnis there biggest product oil sells itself when Germany is freezing they will be buying

    1. Such a child like way of thinking “Putin is a big meanie and a bully if we just get rid of him we can sing songs and frolic under rainbows” lmao the world is more complex than that.

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