1. People of Ukraine are fighting for OUR freedom as well. Do we understand freedom only if it is gone? We must help with everything we can!

    1. @Shomari Nelson I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under but democrats did not start this war, Putin did!!!

  2. Gary Kasparov is an admirable thinker and intellectual. We should listen to what he is advising. Thank you, CNN, for the interview with Mr. Kasparov!

  3. I fully support Kasparov’s commentary. He is right about the horror that resulted from the West abstaining in Syria and he will be proved right if we do not support Ukraine to the utmost.

    1. @AVB -False! Syrian was a minority control country, where the 10% minority ruled over the 90% majority.

  4. There are two subjects I’d take seriously from Kasparov.
    Chess and the machinations of Putin.
    He’s been warning us for years about the dangers of Putin. He’s been right for years.
    On this subject listen to him. Take his analysis seriously.

    1. @abdelhalim b 100% right, plus Ukraine historically is Russia and all rehearsed by you countries are so far from USA. THX

  5. Well done Mr. Kasparov for these brilliant comments. It is being proven that you have not been talented just for the game of chess!

    1. It’s actually simple common sense clear to absolutely anyone who pays attention to, & learns from history!

  6. Wow I use to study his game when I was a kid, now its all about real life strategies. God bless Ukraine.

    1. @Jason Wong Which is worrying, with a ticking clock and strong will he may feel backed into a corner. But I honestly don’t believe a word he says anyway.

    1. It is Garry Kasparov, he is literally the definition of strategic intelligence. Man’s been butchering people in strategy since he was a kid – absolute legend

    2. @Hyperion Koios Hyperion. I’m a fan boy too. He’s such a legend. And this absolutely qualifies his analysis , doesn’t it. ? For sure Chess is a mirror of political arena. Lol.

    3. @Dan Wright It really is sort of a reflection of politics, however I think politics is even more complicated since humans have irrationality in them.

    4. @Hyperion Koios let’s search for Bobby Fischer and see what his take is on the tactical sacrifice of young Ukrainian soldiers for geo political maneuvering . The optics on msm would really sell the reasoning behind not allowing surrender . Further … a great narrative can be fashioned from the torturous deaths in tunnels of Mariapol . Wow. Bobby opining on Azuvstal factory as the Alamo . We can’t waste this.

  7. ‘He doesn’t trust the international community’
    That’s because he judges everyone by his own totally dishonest and brutal standards.

  8. Great to hear such an intelligent man express his view. I wonder how many great Russians are reticent to use their own language because of the evil Putin. We are all in this together against an evil dictator. We owe Ukraine support – it is inevitable’

  9. Chess is a game of thoughts and processes, and Kasparov has a deep understanding of Putin’s weaknesses and strengths so no surprise a pawn in stature can do a lot of damage.

    1. Aman brother!! A pawn is a awesome piece but it takes a real chess player to understand Putains game. He should be called out and se his next move.

    1. @Эльвира Исаева Russian Mercenaries killed Ukrainians in the Donbass Region. What‘s your point?

  10. Kasparov has a firm grip on reality, and clarity on strategy – NATO needs a goal. Do not worry about Putin’s reactions, be clear about the goal: Ukraine must win, and Russia must leave all Ukraine territory- short of that deserves a NATO military response.

  11. Another terrific example of a CNN interviewer allowing the subject to speak without interruption. Thank you for that! This wise and informed man needs no help to get his points across. Thank you for posting !

    1. Disagree. Yes she didn’t interrupt him but she basically ignored Kasparov’s answer about why we shouldn’t worry about escalation because for the thousands of dead in Ukraine, Syria and Chechnya things are as bad as it could possibly be. She casually dismissed the logic of his remarks. The point Kasparov was making is that Putin likes to scare us with his big nuclear stick so he can do whatever he likes as he has in the past. Paula Reid could have followed up on this but she stuck to her script – journalism fail.

    2. @Edwer Thissell Thank you for posting, I agree with your criticism, but I do not expect any but the finest journalists to be able to engage in the present or go off script. The fact she had him on is good enough for me.

  12. Russia went insane. Russian militaries are very brutal and inhumane, and their country should be heavily punished for the war, at least, economically.

    1. Russian military brutal? Have you not seen what the openly fascist AZOV regiment has been doing in the donbass region for 4 years.

  13. I agree, the whole world owes Ukraine & must support it totally, every single thing it needs to fight the Russian monster! 🇺🇦🕊🙏

    1. @Outaッ yea but there don’t what to help them, sending weapon is not the solution bcus there are put debts in the country if there hv sense they support to find the solution before the war started putin doesn’t want Ukraine to enter Neto simple thing sign on paper we are on entering Neto game over

  14. If the countries who are united in sanctioning Russia actually listen to this man I will be shocked . He is 100% correct about this .

  15. I always enjoy listening to Mr. Kasparov. He doesn’t mince words and gets right to the heart of the issue, and I CONSTANTLY finding myself saying, “Yes, thank you!” I honestly can’t recall him ever saying anything about Putin with which I disagree.

  16. Putin is the personification of Ignacio Silone’s words: “If fascism comes back, it will say ‘I am anti-fascism’.”

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