1. From vietnam, my greatest respect for Ukrainian heroes because of your bravery.Thank you heroes./////////””””””🌻🌼

    1. The US failed to capture your country because of your countries fierce resistance. Russia will fail to capture Ukraine because of the people’s fierce resistance. Nobody can break a country if nobody wants to be a puppet. Ukraine will be Russia’s Vietnam.

      Greetings from a westerner.

    1. @Raven R no one remembers because it’s a fantasy in your own enfeebled brain. You don’t have many cells why don’t you use the few you have?

    2. @Patricia Rouse lol I have nothing to lie about, i do all my own research, what about you ?? So maybe if
      ukraines hadnt
      positioned military
      forces in the hospital
      it wouldnt have
      become a target? i
      dont like that kids or
      women got blow up, I
      dont like that anvone
      is getting blown up,
      but the cold hard
      facts are ukraine and
      nato started this,
      and putin did try to
      end it diplomatically
      for literally YEARS,
      his agreement with
      ukraine was they
      would remain a
      independant neutral
      nation, like sweden
      and there would
      never be problems.

    3. @Diamerald What’s your thoughts on the
      Ukraine president
      sending civilians to
      take Arms and fight
      Zero combat skills,
      zero training, zero
      military exercises,
      some of them being
      the first time they
      touch a gun. And
      then he goes on TV
      saying lot of civilians
      casualties. I have
      never seen a
      president not
      prioritizing the lives
      of their people like
      this Zelensky.
      Anyone who’s not
      one sided
      understand why
      Russia had to use
      force to firmly put an
      end this expansion
      he’s been warning about for years. People just look at the social media of what’s happening, oh he’s such a hero, oh he’s so brave ect ect..naa he ain’t no hero, far from it.

    4. @Richard IvonenUkraine is a very corrupt country. Ask yourself that question. Maybe just do some research instead of looking dumb on social media.

    1. Given that the people close to him come from the same ilk, would you mind if he got stopped by the wrong people instead?

    1. Interesting I wonder how much this pertains to the Biden Administration? You know, the Durham Probe, the laptop, Covid, elections etc etc etc 🤔 … I wonder .

      Hey remember when the US murdered thousands of Iraqis over the petro dollar?

      Oh it’s only OK when the IS does it because it’s for freedom and democracy 🤡🌎

    2. @Russian Bot he’s not saying that at all. The world marched against the US defying UN and invading Iraq too. Don’t you remember the ppl knew and were disgusted. Ppl just want to live in peace. Power wants more power

  2. How current America to see somebody do this much damage and say “He’s very frustrated right now” LMAO Bless Ukraine

  3. I think it’s very stupid for that reporter to ask him what are we going to send to Ukraine!!! Putin can see every single thing that you say on here. You never let your enemy know what you are going to do next.

    1. It’s actually pretty smart in case the Russians start using chemical or nuclear weapons. We’ll know it’s not from NATO.

    1. But only non Muslim lives matter????? Or actually over a million innocent women and children (Muslim) is different countries NO matter????

    2. @saprissa9 Many Russian soldiers are being FORCED (they have required military service, opposite of that in the US) to serve the military service. What do you think about that?

  4. Even though they were foreigners as soon as the volunteered to help ukraine they became Ukrainian soldiers

    1. Western media should stop giving false hopes. Fact on the ground is Ukrainians are dying because they are being cheerlead by west to fight a war you can’t win. Russia has already encircled Kiev and they are not losing.

    2. @Wisdom bites what exactly do you mean by false hope? I don’t see any false reporting from the media, the Ukraine president is giving constant update

  5. this is so horrible , the amount of lives they’re demolishing is just sick 😔 someone from putins government needs to do something to end this madness

    1. @Mary Elizabeth As I understand, the oligarchs wealth is not “personal”, it flows to them through Putin. So they aren’t really that powerful. They’re there to provide Russian money laundering in other countries. The money is really the Russian people’s money. Not Putin’s or the oligarchs.

    2. @Feffo I am a bit frustrated by dementia Joe’s constant FAILURES for the American people! It seems like he has done nothing but make our lives worse since becoming POTUS, but like Barack Obama once wisely said “never underestimate the ability of Joe to f.ck things up” if you can’t see that, you are clueless

    3. @RobLocksley Did you protest against the war in Iraq, mister hypocrite?
      Or did you demand that Secretary of State Powell be jailed for cheating with a vial?

    4. @Андрей Дегтярев Indeed I voiced my opinion on warmongers so when people are apologists to the crimes in war because they have happened before they really get under my skin as they propogate the idea that it is allright to kill as someone else has done it before – there is the hypocrisy.

  6. May all be safe in Ukraine and it gets the help that it needs.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️💐

  7. “They will pay a severe price and I’m gonna leave it at that” I understand clearly what you mean sir

    1. @peter baxter you’re a tool… a tool for the propaganda-machine of rich people… and you don’t even get it, because you think you’re “owning the libs” etc… grow some balls and open your eyes, kiddo.

    2. Americans ain’t going to interfere with this war. It’s quite the opposite, the more the war lasts the more it benefits them.

    3. @Heiata M how does it benefit us? We’ve spent about $1 billion in aid (that’s our taxpayer money), our gas prices are skyrocketing, and stock market is down. Typical clueless American hater.

  8. So now you know whether he will stop or not. With the way he escalates, it’s super easy to see where this is going.

  9. It’s so upsetting to know that for this war to get closer to ending, more people have to die.

    1. @RLM ah another person who just blames people with no information. Please tell me how one leaders decisions means thousands of innocent people die? That’s grade school bullshit. Bunch of bullies got in charge of a huge plot of land and suddenly decided it wasent enough.

    2. @Article Particle Imagine being the president of ukraine and encouraging thousands to die and then acting like russia are committing warcrimes when the civilians are encouraged to get themselves shot in the head

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Became russians. I just hope we can manage to leave the country, when we surrender. If I don’t die before it, I kind of don’t want to have russian passport. Hey but I never been in Europe, maybe will move to Croatia.

  10. RIP fallen soldiers..Your sacrifices will contribute for the independence and freedom of your.motherland. heartfelt condolences to families and friends..Stay strong and steadfast in defence of your motherland.. From Pakistan

    1. @Spring Bloom Then you mean legal war is imposed on Ukraine. Be straight to.say NO to war and YES to peace and alleviation of human sufferings in this undesired and unwanted war..Slava ukraine

    2. @Areesha Fatima

      I agree it shouldn’t be happening. But, it is. Ukrainian military has been sloppy and reckless and indiscriminately shooting everything that moves. To a point, this is understandable, because most of them just signed up and don’t have any training. The point is blaming the other side for their mistakes, is only going to make things much worse. The difference between the good guys and the bad guys, is that good guys take responsibility. They need to be better.

    1. @Account Choculitis repent of your sins and accept Jesus into your heart as Lord and Savior and you will go to heaven John 3:16
      Jesus is the only way to heaven John 14:6
      Seek Jesus
      Come to Jesus
      Live for Jesus
      Forsake your sins and turn to Jesus.

    2. @gutadin5 No thanks, I prefer non fiction stories. Besides, I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t like you calling for deaths of people. Hmmm?

    3. @gutadin5 Revelation 2:8-9
      New Revised Standard Version
      The Message to Smyrna

      8 “And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write: These are the words of the first and the last, who was dead and came to life:

      9 “I know your affliction and your poverty, even though you are rich. I know the slander on the part of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

    4. I heard that Putin wants Ukraine to revert back to Russian orthodox church so his prayers will be different to yours. His prayers are backed up by his military…. who’s backing up yours?

  11. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This quote is haunting me. I’m terribly conflicted.

    1. Such a tough call, because the threat of Putin using nuclear bombs is real. At the same time, the longer we go with nobody stopping him, the more innocent lives will be lost and cities destroyed. 😔

    2. @Schrödinger’sCat you seem confused, only one side has shut down free press to suppress the truth

  12. “severe consequences?” how about blocking the 30% if Russian banks that can still operate like normal?

  13. Great to see that Biden has an intelligent, well spoken and level headed man like this advising him. I like the way he handled this interview. Hopefully those anti-air capabilities get to Ukraine soon.

    I think some sort of counter-artillery capability would also go a long way as well because Ukraine has been hit by so many cowardly rocket attacks.

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