Putin: Talks With Biden Were ‘Quite Constructive’ | MSNBC 1

Putin: Talks With Biden Were ‘Quite Constructive’ | MSNBC


During his remarks at the close of the Biden-Putin summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin says his talks with President Biden were “quite constructive,” and that they reached an agreement on cyber security that they will begin negotiating. 
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    1. @James Smith “I’m excited to meet your wife.” – Joe Biden to Boris Johnson at G7 summit. He’s a creepy pervert.

    2. @Michael Taylor Trumps meetings with Putin were documented and recorded. Transcripts are and were public. Despite this, the leftist media conjured up their own narrative filled with lies. Lies that you apparently believed. Lies that were disproven. But you keep believing, sucker.

    1. @Jock Young His account is 3 weeks old and all he does is Russia worship in all of his comments (Salty Balls).

    2. @horizon1o1 all scripted questions except the last part where biden threw a fit and the cameras were cut

    1. @C Train but please…..do tell me more! Im sure you dont have a bunch more boring, lazy, not funny or witty comebacks to dish out

    1. You mean Trump? Lol Trump and Putin are buddies. Interfered twice and successfully got Trump in office once

    1. @M L Hey big fella, First, understand I am disgusted that Hillary and the Democrats caused Trump to even exist. Second, understand I am disgusted that Trump caused Biden-Harris to exist. I have never seen two candidates try so hard Not to get elected. Maybe you can define democracy in a way I can understand.
      How are you enjoying our $28T national debt and our inflating prices? I just love paying an extra dollar/gal for gas. Are you proud that we have more indentured servants and slaves than any time since the civil war? Our taxes going up, our incomes going down. Businesses in riot cities can’t buy insurance… There’s a lot more but I think you have half a whit so you don’t want to go down that road.

    2. Biden favorite Ice cream flavor is probably chocolate chip mint because alot of evil people seem to like that flavor.

    1. then they will lock hands, and skip through a field of Daisies together with a golden retriever running behind them.

    2. Then Biden got too comfortable and started sniffing Putins daughters hair and got slapped like Macron did lol.

  1. How can say the talks were constructive? No cameras and only Putin’s words. Russian disinformation much?

    1. “I don’t want my kids going to school in a race mixing jungle!” -DJT jk that quote is actually from Biden lol. MAGA

    2. He seems to fall in love with several dictators. Strange behavior for a man whi claims he is a womanizer. Kinda makes you wonder if besides Putins puppet he isnt his queen

  2. Yesssss Russian Trolls. Release your anger! Your rage only gives the internet more *power!*

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