Putin threatens ‘harsh’ reprisals after Russia hit targets across Ukraine

Multiple explosions rocked Kyiv and several other Ukrainian cities reported blasts and power outages, as Russia lashed out with a massive wave of violent airstrikes that carried echoes of the initial days of its invasion. Moscow had fired 75 rockets towards Ukraine, the Commander-in-Chief of the country’s military said, 41 of which were neutralized by Ukrainian missile defense systems. #CNN #News


    1. @Phil w imagine needing to pull your head out, but not being able to hear any advice & not realizing that smell is your own

  1. The irony is when Russia attacks Ukraine it’s not terrorism but a “humanitarian” exercise but if Ukraine attacks Russia it’s terrorism. Really warped reasoning.

  2. Well that’s about right for this clown! You brutally invade a neighbour. They defend themselves and when they strike back you call them ‘terrorists’!! Definitely living in an alternate reality!!

  3. It’s sad to think that people like this rule out countries, throughout human history how many people like him have ruled and caused so much pain and hatred. History is just a flat circle doomed to repeat itself until the day that there is no one left to repeat it, and I worry the day may yet come.

  4. “Completely incorrect in thinking that we would use tactical nukes in retaliation”

    That scares me more than if they were to threaten to use them.
    Last time they positioned soldiers in the border and were like “We would never invade Ukraine” next day they invade Ukraine.
    They were threatening to use nukes, but now that they have them placed in position they’re like “nope never”

  5. I love how he thinks, “when they attack me, is terrorists attack. When I attack them, I am liberator fighting for justice.” What a joke.

    1. To be fair, that’s how everyone thinks. Look at Israel and Palestine, the US and Afghanistan. Not saying this is at all justified–it’s not. Just try to bring some introspection to things so you don’t say anything too ironic.

    1. Yeah!! From US play book ya? You mean Iraq Afghanistan Libya? People in those countries may be celebrating right now!!!

  6. I’ve never wished death on anyone but I wish Putin and his North Korean buddy will meet their maker sooner than later. These unnecessary deaths of young men are so unbearable. My heart goes out to the affected families on both sides of the conflict.
    Victory to Ukraine!!!

    1. Are you saying the world would be better off without Kim Jong Un and Putin ? Dont forget D.Trump. He needs thebsame treatmemt

  7. Wow, he seems to be furious. Bombing a pedestrian brodge and a children’s playground as retaliation for the destruction of Putin’s beloved Crimea bridge just seems to send this message! And Ukraine has not even taken responsibility for the Crimea bridge attack 😮

    1. @Fast tube For your information, Ukraine is not involve in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. You are barking at the wrong tree.

  8. While it’s not reasonable to expect Putin to respond to the bridge attack by going, “That’s fair. You earned that strike. I’ll give you that,” it’s also a bastardly thing for him to act like the victim in this. He’s not an innocent victim, he struck first, Ukraine retaliated, and this is the counter strike to that retaliation.

  9. In WWII, during the Battle of Brittan, the Luftwaffe concentrated on attacking British military targets like airbases and brought Brittan to the brink of defeat. Then, out of anger at attacks on Germany, they switched to attacking London and other populations centers. That took pressure off the British military and allowed them to continue the fight and in addition, the attacks on British cities raised the morale and determination of the British people.

  10. “Terrorist” attack, yet launches rockets and missiles into school buildings and hospitals. Makes total sense.

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