1. @Seth Austin That’s how embarrassing you sound to most people here except for the real bots that agree with you here. So do your self a favor and go to the the Q-tip channel like 4Chan or do the world a favor and take yourself out.

    2. @DPG good lord fool, Biden pulled out troops out of Afghanistan six months ago. And no new wars have been started

    3. @DPG Trump did not end 2 wars. I don’t know what “get your facts safe” means but you need to get your facts straight

  1. This takes gaslighting to a whole other level. Praying that people become independent thinkers and realize that this was is wrong and unjustified.

    1. @cary griffin

      The last election was a landslide against Putin’s candidate.
      Evidently there election is more difficult to buy favor over than others?

    2. @Bass INC if your premise is correct, then I would stand somewhat corrected in my analysis. But, then again, I don’t know how legitimate these elections are, so I don’t know if I can say I agree. But your logic is sound, and in such a situation, the Ukrainian people would appear to be fighting for their futures against Russia, and it would be a justified fight. However, I also must acknowledge the case that Russia is making (a separate but equally important case of long-term strategic defense) for the taking of Ukraine. In other words, today Putin looks like a bully taking over territory. But I understand that he is also operating under the an increased western pressure and hostile rhetoric, and, Based on the comments and actions of NATO countries recently, he will likely be facing a war or sanctions later that, if he does not take Ukraine, might make it more difficult to fight against them later. Of course, your sympathy for this Russian position would rely on your ability to empathize with the Russian people and to disagree with NATO’s position.

      Basically, There appear to be different interests at play, and it really gets into doctrines of sovereignty and right to defense.

    3. @Geoffrey K I never said they planned to use Ukraine as a staging ground what I said was NATO could in a future conflict if Ukraine was allowed to become a NATO nation use Ukraine as a staging ground.
      This is not false information it’s playing out a possible future event one Russia must not let happen as it would be vary bad for their national security and poses a great risk to their country.
      I want to make it clear understanding the situation is much different than supporting it, I support Ukraine and wish them the best on winning their freedom and independence from Russia and hope they make the Russians pay for invading their country.
      In the art of war you must know your enemies and know yourself all I’m saying is speeking militarily Ukraine plays a great part in Russians defense they cannot allow it to fall in the hands of an organization that was created to oppose them.

    1. this is a trump playbook . however woth the far rght in USA embracing nazi behaviour shows how bizarre the world is

    2. Sounds like the echoes from one mad man of today from another mad man from so many decades ago. Actually, I think that Putin is playing this like a game of chess to try to consolidate power of the world and try to knock the USA off the pedestal. The sanctions may sting but they likely will get support from china and other allies especially with China building to be the next economic power and military power. I may be making a bit much of all this, but now this is what I’m Suspecting. The best thing we can do as a nation is wether you hate or love him, we ALL have to be behind president Biden or we’ll be at the mercy of Putin and xi and Kim someday soon enough, believe it or not.

    3. @MrDICKHEAD28 Azov battalion is a volunteer group that became a really competent battle force, with Ukrainian nationalists loyal only to their country and fighting to the last man

      While the Russian neo nazi party “Russian national unity” had one of it’s members named dmitry Demushkin being offered a position for mayor of Donbass back in 2014 by the deputy prime minister of Russia no less dmitry rogozin

      Now who is who?
      And even if there was a Nazi battalion first, it doesn’t make any sense regardless for Putin to do so, and second ukrainian people would’ve burned them down just like we did in the euromaidan revolution

  2. He’s been watching Trump for 7 years say all kinds of rubbish and a very large proportion of the country believing it. Throw enough mud, some is bound to stick

    1. I’ve noticed, growing up in an extreme Christian conservative family, on army bases with other similarly extremist thinking people, that many people understand when a political or religious leader is being hyperbolic or downright dishonest, but they choose to “buy in” because they either need/want to fit in and conform, or they quite literally want these falsehoods to be true or to be perceived as true, almost with cruel and sadistic pleasure if those lies can hurt others or further empower their in-group.

    2. @Slickkk Tony I have found that anyone asking this question is never going to get it but I’ll try.

      He could run in 2024 and he’s still lying about 2020. Alot of people believe him sooooo we gotta keep talking about how he is a liar, so people know to not trust him.

  3. “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”
    — Eric Trump (GOP’s 1st Putin loving family) 🐻🐻🐻

    1. @Ron Barracuda see that’s all right because they’re doing it! You know I’m sick of these Democrats telling me how I should take care of my kids telling me who I should vote for who my daughter should marry!! And if you don’t agree your phone you’re a Nazi communist!

    2. @eve Bogs Russian GDP per capita ranks 57th in the world, less than a quarter of most western nations. The wealth that is has is concentrated in the hands of a corrupt oligarchy. Russia is basically a criminal enterprise, and its population are extortion victims.

    3. @Big Jose What percentage of the population is white supremacist? The USA has many more white supremacist militias than does Ukraine, and America’s white supremacists are backed by 30% of the voters compared to only 2% in Ukraine.

    4. @Combat Epistemologist Exactly. If they were in Russia they wouldn’t have the freedoms they have in your America.

  4. Hurrah to Ukraine 🇺🇦 A fairly elected and democratic government whose leader intelligently cares about his population!

    1. It would be best if the war stops but not with the sacrifice of the freedom of the Ukrainian people. If the the people of Ukraine want to stand up to the Russians then that is their right. Let them choose their future. If they choose to keep fighting the Russians to secure their freedom and future then this war must continue. We are in no postion to dictate the actions of the Ukrainian people. Yes it’s up to the rest of the world to decide whether they help or hurt the Ukrainian people by their action or inaction. But we cannot force the people of Ukraine to surrender to the Russians that invaded them. But if the people of Ukraine want to stop the war under any circumstance then they have some tough decisions to make.

    2. Putin and Trudeau have gone woke by accusing their enemy a Nazi.
      President Zelensky is now the leader of freedom while senile Biden picks his teeth.

  5. He’s a politician and ex kbg agent, lying is his bread and butter. I pity all deluded 20 year old Russian servicemen who are dying for him

    1. @NeverlandAdventurerz I respect you because if I didn’t respect you for your right to say what you want then I can’t respect myself!

    2. @XVI I meant Cuba economy being destroyed through the embarga, but I meant that rely to someone else and not you. My bad on that part!

    3. Putin probably learned this technique from CNN and the rest of traitorous fake news media lowlifes that accused a Catholic boy on his field trip to Washington DC as white supremacist. They had to pay $ millions to settle his lawsuits though.

    4. @Brazucacalifornia80
      Well, it’s true. And that’s what’s gonna happen to Russia, I guess.
      But a full scale invasion is on a whole other level than Economic sanctions.

    1. @Chewpa Miverga Jr. You mean like the ones we have in the US? They are here but the president and the party in power do not support them now. Just like in Ukraine! Trump supported them in both countries. Like Putin!

    2. @T Howl We are talking about an armed militia group with over 20,000 soldiers that help the week Ukrainian army. That was back in 2016, they have more now.

      And you compare that to the America….

    3. Mivegra…
      ukrainian nationalists that fight to the last man and loyal only to their own country, a volunteer battalion that has good soldiers and trains them to be so, many friends i have there and no one even remotely thinks of being one

      Get your facts straight, the alleged Nazi party has not won even ONE seat of the 450 in 2019
      While the Russian neo Nazis party “Russian national unity” with one of it’s members called dmitry debushkin being offered a key role in the Crimean government as mayor, by the RUSSIAN deputy prime minister no less dmitry rogozin

      But the Nazis are the Ukrainians with it’s democratically elected Jewish president

  6. Saying that Ukraine’s government is Nazi, when Volodymyr Zelen’sky is of Jewish descent is quite demented, at least.

    1. “Saying that Ukraine’s government is Nazi,”
      Not quite right. Zelensky is not a Nazi.
      But he is forced to act within the boundaries of the demands of Ukrainian radical nationalists.
      The barricade Nazis who overthrew Yanukovych in 2014 have not disappeared. They are still there.

    2. @Sergey Yanukovych was overthrown by a student led protest, that included religious leaders from many faiths, including priests, rabbis and imans, not a bunch of nazis.

    1. Well most comedian types are loved. People love to. Laugh 😅. As Putin becomes tge laughing stock of the world. God he’s an ignorant fool. No wonder him n Trump are buddies.

    2. @RLM seems you are a trumper and who held up the aid for Ukraine back in 2019 because they wouldn’t investigate Hunter Biden ? TRAITOR tRUMP did and never did anything to protect those honest Ukrainians like with the Kurds.

  7. This person is simply insane. How can he justify murder with such unreasonable claims. He is the only nazi in this conflict.
    No matter, we will stand strong. Stay safe 🇺🇦 ❤

    1. @Evelyn Putkonen who the hack is WE ? ..you mean to say you don’t like anything that contradicts your belief or understanding..that’s the mantra of small and closed minded people ,most Americans are brain washed anyway undoing that will take eons.Hollywood n CNN has yall by the nuts.

    2. @Deborah Freedman just like how democrat policies have destroyed black people then they nominate an unqualified black vagina to a supreme court position. There are always tokens that’ll run cover for the oppressors. Zelenskyy also jailed his political opponents when no crime had been committed and shut down opposition news outlets. Yes!

  8. Where have we heard,” accusing your enemies of exactly what you’re doing.”before?
    There is a guy buried in legal issues in the US, with that same defense! Got to be a coincidence??

    1. @Hifin Sword Why are you saying that they should submit to a murdering dictator? There is something wrong with you.

    2. @Hifin Sword You are so depraved that you had to repeat yourself. Why do you want them to give in to a murdering tyrant?

    3. @T Howl In the US the Neo-Nazis are a fringe group that most people never encounter. They are, for the most part, ignored. It is much more prevalent in Ukraine from what I have read. I have said that Putin has no excuse to wage war on Ukraine but I find it curious as to why the west won’t even acknowledge that the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine are a force that has permeated their government and their society. Don’t argue with me, ask the Ukrainian people what they think. That is how I found out about it. Everybody “thinks” that they are an expert from their living rooms in the US.

    4. @Ted Unguent I guess you don’t understand Facetiousness. No one should submit to a murdering dictator like Putin. Allowing a dictator like Putin to dictate to you as a sovereign nation, what you can or cannot do is ridiculous.

    1. @wvgolfnut1 Not sure what you are replying to, but I just wanted to take a moment as an Englishman, to say how astounded I am with the media running with “Trump praises Putin” headlines.

      For an out of context quote from a discussion on the “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” – which, when listened to in full, in context, obviously he is being sarcastic – it is more a jab at Biden, than actual praise of Putin.

      The clip is literally 2m 25 seconds into the video that is on their youtube channel.

    2. @Eike Verfürden Academic Agent’s video “Cigar Stream #121 – Breakup of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milošević and the Kosovo War”

      Leads me to think that the Western characterisation of Slobodan Milošević was entirely incorrect and all the western influence did, was lead to the massive increase in Islamic extremists flooding into the Balkans regions as well as lots of funding from the west and Iran etc to the terrorists.

      The west should have never got involved in Yugoslavia.

      This is completely different to Yugoslavia though.

      The west framed Yugoslavia as genocide against muslims, (even though the US intelligence agencies believed that muslims had blown up their own citizens in order to win the international condemnation of Serbia etc).

      Regarding Ukraine, In the west this is framed as “Russia attacks Ukraine, we should help them defend themselves with lethal aid”.

      Putin frames it as “we need to remove the nazis”.

      I haven’t seen any compelling evidence as to Ukrainian governments nazi-leanings – especially as the leader is Jewish.

      How is the Ukraine and Yugoslavia western involvement the same thing again?

    1. Tell me, how about eight years of Ukrainian shelling of cities?

      Everyone shows a video of the shelling of Ukrainian military bases, but no one remembers the explosions in Lugansk and Donetsk.

    2. @John R Ukraine is not much different from the puppet goverment, set up by the united states in afganistan after its illegal war and invasion. Same concept. It’s not a Hitler playbook. It’s a playbook from the united states.

    3. @John R Did the world stand with Iraq, afganistan, Somalia, Yemen when the USA started bombing and waging illegal wars? No they didn’t, they are afraid of us. Same as they are afraid of a nuclear war from Russia or China. Now you realize how the rest of the world feels about the USA.

  9. Ukrainian people over without a doubt some of the most brave and resilient people on earth, they all deserve massive respect.❤🙏🇺🇦💪

    1. Peter… Well, kinda. Dodger Donnie hasn’t quite got it down pat yet. You’ll notice that since Putin’s been busy with Ukraine, Donnie’s screw ups are more obvious. Putin is not there to coach him every minute.

    2. As much as I dislike Putin, the difference is night and day. Putin is who Trump wants to be when he grows up. He’s still a lousy con man who only cons the least educated amongst us.

  10. “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” – Joseph Goebbels
    Unfortunately, it goes back to the person lying. Mr. Putin eventually believe for the truth that none existence.

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