1. @Biswajeet Sahu I don’t know who originally said it, but I remember a quote from my youth: “When an empire becomes arrogant, that empire is about to fall’. (Or something like that). I think that’s where the U.S. is now.

    2. We have always known they were lurking. America has a serious education issues. But Agolf kept one promise and drained the swamp, so all the slithering creatures had to come out.

    1. @James Brown you believe that stupidity? They walked in the velvet rope lines and one guy was wearing face paint and horns on his head!

    2. @James Brown black men do better in American then any place on the planet, everybody does. This is the least racist place on the planet!

    3. @Lynne Titus Nancy Pelosi was the speaker during grumps entire presidency, I guess she was a Republican for two years.

    4. @Idris Surana it’s frightening that this destructive group of deluded misfits has gained any traction at all. How does a Marjorie Taylor Greene, even have the opportunity to run for congress, let alone get elected? Is there no vetting process whatsoever???

    1. @Mike Figures I’ve been noticing some parallels to Scientology. But Scientology does not propose anyone over-throw the Federal Government. It’s a profit-driven enterprise…

    2. @Horrifying Apocalypse Never! It requires someone with a sense of humor who is a bit twisted. Look at the face eating, child eating, slavery & trafficking Satan worshipping nonsense… Also, who makes pizza a code word for nefarious deeds against children? Remember “Pizzagate”? The restaurant basement with the child sex/slave ring in the restaurant without a basement. But, pizza? “Q” must be a monster! Who disparages pizza?!? What’s next, hamburgers & french fries?

    3. @Hekat Sees
      Exactly! Q is a joke! Look at the “ Q anon shaman” have you ever heard of a right wing extremist who was also a vegan and could only eat organic foods??
      This guy is a fraud and I would bet money that the CNN guy knows him and probably invited him to the meeting!
      Interesting that the founders of Q anon want the same thing as the the founders of ANTIFA. I believe both left and right have been infiltrated by anarchist who only want to see the US fall!

    4. @ᜃᜆᜒᜉᜓᜈ ᜈ ᜑᜒᜋᜐᜒᜃ – Wasn’t Q really a group of Russia psyops attempting to manipulate groups of really gullible/impressionable people in other countries?

    1. @Truthisfreedom light Pedophiles are exposed daily in every state in America, every day, for decades. There’s Child Protective Services. They do the actual work. QAnon just continues taking credit for doing nothing as usual.

    1. @Brian Bennett I want him to have to type it out, I’m hoping when he has to type it out in a non q setting he’ll see how ridiculous it all sounds.

    2. @Ken Grassa breh if you really worried about pedos you’d be going after every rich person with anarcho-capitalistic view hence not just hollywood but every rich person in america mostly repubs

    3. @Ken Grassa As are many in the profession of law, accountants, carpenters………..What are you on?? There are disgraceful people in EVERY profession. You need a tranquilizer…go have a coffee or something FFS

    1. Fuk Hue Then again, maybe they’ve been there all along… Maybe Trump’s overt narcissism just emboldened them to reveal their true selves… They have dropped their masks… (literally and figuratively). Whatever the case, we see them now!!!

    2. @Fred Hollis That might sound good to some but what faith are you referring to yours or theirs and what is the difference ?

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Straight up “Branch Davidian” style who also made their own custom songs that were their anthems.

    1. @Michele Kett Agree…Most of them just like the camaraderie and inclusion this cult brings. It really would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous. They are actually quite pathetic

    2. @Msgt D Oorah Msgt?? Is that short for Master Sargent??? I hope I am wrong that a human with idiotic beliefs is military and has a gun?? Wow…they must be scraping the bottom of the barrel??

    1. Oh this one flew way over the cuckoo’s nest.. these nuts need clocked for sure.. it’s like a glimpse into a psych ward.

    1. @richard brophy I was on the planning committee for it. We wanted to put together a troll bigger than 2020 itself.

    2. A friend and I were talking about the people who swear it is all true….and we think it was a couple of bored 13 year olds in Dad’s basement!!! Suddenly all the dimwits started to believe it and so it goes………………….!!!

    1. more resources need to be given to mental healthcare, we need less stigma, and racists/xenophobes/homophobes/oppressors need to not be labeled as mentally ill for their hate and ignorance. there is no place for abelism in disavowing fascism and white supremacy.

    2. Half of America is the world’s largest insane asylum. Americans felt unwelcome in other countries before. How do you think they will be welcomed now? NOT WELCOME.

    1. Freedom is not Free.. DOMINION AI MACHINES are still in use around the world to control elections . CCP has control of all the DEMONCRACKS/GOPTRAITORS. MARXISM TOTALIRIANISM ARE NAZISM BACK IN CONTROL….FACISM/COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM = NATO/UN they are SATANISM. The FBI/CIA/NSA/NASA/FEMA and the new Death Camps are all FAKE NEWS…And the worst BIG Tech is SENSORHIP ..Voice of the people of America is gone. V@x Sin is fake. .Prepare…Told you So …..you voted the Swamp back in demoncracks. WAKE UP . YOUR NEXT .WWG1WGA… QQQRAH.

      OH! CCP china just banned the Pfiel V@X SIN … Killing to many people .pass the word

  1. I mostly feel for their family members that don’t agree with them because there is no reasoning or even trying to talk logic and truth with them. I know this from experience😞

    1. @catrionaakacat

      Lol no it did not end well at all.
      Mussolini had a much more productive end, concerning the angst and the wrath the Italians had for him. They shot and killed him. They tied him up and drug him behind a vehicle through the streets. Then, they hung him up, upside down. He was already dead. They kept shooting bullets into his body and beating his body with bats. They knew he was dead already… But they weren’t finished. It’s not a very nice bedtime story for children.

    1. Education has little to do with providing facts and giving people the option of believing them or not. The Universe is either 13.8 Billion or 6000 years old. In Quebec, Canada there are rocks as old as 4.28 Billion years or have Atheists faked it?

    2. @David Renwick – It also doesn’t help when RepubliCONs cut funding to school lunch programs, after school programs and attempt to force intelligence design and Christian Fundamentalism into science classes as if they are equally valid.

    3. @David Renwick I have a very fundamentalist friend, my oldest in fact. I however am not even religious. I was studying geology at the time Mt St. Helens blew its stack. A few years later – five or so – my friend called to inform that the ash flow had eroded at a rate that had “created” and over grown gullly “one seventh” the volume of the Grand Canyon. My response was, “so you are trying to tell me the Grand Canyon is really only 35 years old?” That stopped him in his tracks for a time. The trouble is that people as a rule, even scientists, would really like to “know what [they] know.” That their knowledge certain. They really do not want to examine their personal beliefs and ask themselves “why” they think what they do. When you consider the QAnon stupidity, I have yet to meet a “believer” that could explain why they take seriously satanic, cannibal Democrats who want to make everyone’s life easier and take away “liberties,” though even there they have problems delineating which liberties are at threat. None are even vaguely familiar with the constitution or what rights it protects. The best they can offer at times is “free speech” or perhaps “guns.” They mostly do not know what they are supposed to be opposing except that it is scary, more so than a military take over of the entire country, and mass executions.

  2. I would feel uncomfortable being a journalist in that room. These people are scary and completely NUTS!

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