Que. breaks COVID-19 infection record again | Montreal mayor declares state of emergency 1

Que. breaks COVID-19 infection record again | Montreal mayor declares state of emergency


Quebec has broken its record of new COVID-19 infections yet again, reporting 5,043 new cases on Tuesday. The province also reported eight more deaths on the first full day of renewed restrictions heading into the holidays.

Meanwhile, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has declared a renewed state of emergency "to better deal with the turbulence caused by the Omicron variant" as COVID-19 cases skyrocket in Montreal and across the province.

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  1. Of the 59 ppl admitted to hospital – how many were admitted due to covid vs admitted for another reason and they happened to have covid ?

    1. “Happen to have” … that’s a strange coincidence..! Even stranger is that they don’t do “tests” on ppl in hospitals just because they desperately want it… so where exactly r those numbers coming from? Don’t believe me? Go to a hospital & ask for a “c test” & they will reject u…

    2. @Truth Is Racist As I understand it, everyone who is admitted to hospital is tested. If you are admitted due to a car accident and happen to have covid, I understand you become a covid hospitalization number even though covid wasn’t the reason you were admitted..

    1. I was legit feeling fine before going to get tested waited 2 hours outside in – 10C I’ve been sick for the last 2 days now 😭😭

    2. The testing sure does look like an unnecessary risk. If it’s that contagious ? Obviously you shouldn’t group together and stand in a line in the cold increasing spread lol. Why would anyone take that risk to take a test? If you need a test you must feel sick ..lol. Incredibly dumb! Go home .

    3. @EAT A PEACH fully aware that’s how your mind comprehends, logic = can’t understand lol thanks for admitting it…

  2. “We’re all in this together” Will the politicians be standing in line in the snow for ‘tests’ and ‘boosters’?

    1. @pandorachild oh grow up, this is being spread by the vaxxed and if the vaxx was so safe and effective they wouldn’t be keeping the data secret for 75 years

    1. Lets gather by the 100’s to get a test, how stupid is that and yet reduce the number of members for Christmas. If you can’t see how blood stupid this all is I don’t know what to tell you. So saddened my fellow Canadians are so easily swayed by governments that clearly aren’t producing results. We are never getting back to normal, stop testing, they put restrictions in on purely cases. If you are sick, stay home and likely its the flu

    1. @Stick Fijibugs <--- Does not know that vehicles killed more Canadians under 50 in 12 months than has COVID in 21 months.

    2. @Stick Fijibugs A healthy person ? That’s not what I heard , it was a guy in his 50s with other health conditions and it being Texas I wouldn’t be surprised if he was unvaxed .

    3. @Jean Guy Paul Wrong. One unvaxxed Texan yesterday died, and 1 Israeli today, and Israel has the toughest omicron control in world. And, it is still way too early to know.

  3. So deadly you need to self isolate when you have no symptoms after taking a test cycled up to a guaranteed positive.

  4. I just hope Canada doesn’t implode because of all the debt. If the economy keeps going the way it is, I don’t think becoming like Greece is so far fetched. Maybe it will have to default

    1. @Primary Ignition They will eventually have to default because printing money to cover your bills can not go on forever.

    2. @Joe Struthers I completely agree with you and I’m glad you believe in a cyclical timeline. Our leaders believe in linear time and it can go on forever or they can fix it. Demographics/history shows the boomers will leave and the millennials will cause a great change. It’s coming so prepare for it is all I can say.

  5. Would you look at that, Alberta was being attacked non stop about it, and their rates are way down vs Ontario and Quebec, both their charts are ones you would love to see on a stock if you were holding it.

  6. His Most Exalted King Legault I is very disappointed in the peasants for letting this happen, and will soon send the sheriffs to crack down on the serfs for this transgression against His Royal Highness.

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