Quebec to roll out COVID-19 vaccine passports in September 1

Quebec to roll out COVID-19 vaccine passports in September


Quebec says it will use vaccine passports to limit access to non-essential services if COVID-19 worsens. CTV's Christina Succi reports.

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    1. How is that a conspiracy? They told you months ahead of time and have been floating the idea since last year.

    1. @Xerxes2005 Power and control.
      You think businesses like Costco, Walmart, Amazon, etc want competition?
      How do you think they could eliminate competition best? Well a pandemic obviously.

    2. @thimblemunch We’re talking about the government here. Why should the government deprive himself of the tax revenues the businesses would provide if they were open? All these conspiracy theories do not work. Costco, Walmart and Amazon do *NOT* need the pandemic to destroy the competition. They were doing it perfectly fine by themselves before the pandemic started.

    3. @UC1EGjEJMze-OCOOdHKowfSg The government needs money and it gets money through taxes. From citizens and businesses. It can’t burrow it indefinitely.

    4. @thimblemunch Just… prints it? Ugh, I think you have to learn about what money is and how it works.

    1. You can find the exact same translations of these rules from the German 1930’s Govt (YT won’t let me write them for some reason?!) Never thought I would experience this in Canada!

    1. it’s not a conspiracy theory when the government literally brought up the idea months ago, this isnt surprising at all

    2. @Jumbo Me Yes they did actually, just cause you didn’t see it yet doesn’t mean they didn’t.

  1. Those guys needs to be send to jail, the whole Quebec government bcz there is no-one who oppose this nonsense !

  2. “Let me see your papers” Does this remind anyone of a certain time in history?
    Maybe just to make things easy we should make those unvaccinated wear a yellow star on their shirts, or just tattoo them with a number on their arm in case they take the star off so we can keep track of the unclean.

  3. Wowww, this is so messed up !!!! We can’t allow this to happen. This will be the beginning of the end !!!!

    1. It is coming and can’t be stopped! We are witnessing the coming together of the one world government, one world economy and one world religion. In the midst of all this insanity there is a peace to be found. Turn to Jesus for salvation! John 3:16

    2. We have to make it stop, we have to stand up, we can’t keep being complacent and rolling up our sleeves !! FFF THE GOVERNMENT!!!

    3. @L 4o lol so you can stop a pandemic just by saying so ? Really that’s how it works ? While you’re at it can you put an end to cancer to please

    4. @Jumbo Me not really the pandemic he want to stop, more the way or gouvernement deals with it

  4. So whenever you hear a crazy conspiracy, give it atleast some thought going forward. Strange times we have entered in

  5. we must repeal the state of emergency powers. the province has clearly demonstrated they can not be trusted with such powers. the law must be repealed so we can end this once and for all.

    1. Lawyers are Silent
      Because they are Pedos

      Epstein type Agents
      Put all Lawyers in on Video


  7. Please consider not being evil and imposing evil on others by force and weight of the government.

  8. Time to take on the government guys… 14 days to flatten the curve became 14 months to flatten your freedoms..

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