Race to save cold-stunned sea turtles from Texas coastlines 1

Race to save cold-stunned sea turtles from Texas coastlines


Volunteers are scrambling along the Texas coast to save thousands of sea turtles shocked by the cold snap. Richard Madan has the story.
#Seaturtles #Texas #coldsnap

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    1. ??? we already have ‘operation save the humans’ and it’s called “everything we’ve done since the day humans existed” lmao what

    2. @Jordan H I’m talking about Earth Einstein, not whatever mystical, magical world you’re from where there isn’t record unemployment, homelessness, suicide, injustice, a health crisis, a political system in ruins and government greed and mismanagement leaving its citizens destitute. No genius, it’s called “everything we could do yet refuse to”. “lmao” indeed.

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  2. Please show love and care for all animals who all need our care. Please adopt a plant based diet so no animals have to suffer.

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