Rachel: GA GOP Gives Itself The Power Trump Wanted | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Rachel: GA GOP Gives Itself The Power Trump Wanted | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at how Donald Trump tried to overturn the will of Georgia voters by putting pressure on election officials, and how a new law rushed through by state Republicans gives them new power over election officials to do what Trump was unable to do in 2020. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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GA GOP Gives Itself The Power Trump Wanted: To Overturn Elections They Don't Like | Rachel Maddow


  1. Republicans say they want lean and quick elections and then they build a political Marine Corps Hinder Course to vote. This will just make it slower and easier to question everything.

  2. I’ll tell you what would have happened if Trump had succeeded in getting these people to overturn the election… January 6th x100.

    1. @Callie Smith you kkkult folk are so far gone! How many arrests and prison terms will it take to wake you up? The prosecution of the Trump-Kushner crime family might help. But you really need Jesus.

    2. @Kelly Moses Exactly. It always told me deep down, they knew/know Trump actually lost. If you really really thought the election had been stolen… you would never stop fighting.

  3. They should investigate those Republicans who won with just a few votes, specially Miss Lindseys’ because he’s obviously paying the Mob Boss back.

    1. Ironically, I used to live near a “club” called “Miss Lindsey’s”. Hot and cold running STDs and nary a tooth to be seen.

      Which reminds me: What does #DavidPecker have on Lindsey?

  4. So this means that trump can go to prison for election fraud in G.A then.and whoever else was involved

    1. Voters in all 50 states should be enraged! If Governor Kemp gets away with this, our states could be next. It will suppress black and white and brown voters

    2. @Rod did you watch the video? Governor Kemp just signed into law a bill that allows him and his crony politicians to overturn an election. An election where the voters voted.

    3. You do know the Washington Post admitted they misquoted their alleged source. It turns out that their one and only source wasn’t there for the phone call and they put out a correction last week. However this is not stopping Rachel from spreading these lies.

    4. @Daniel Glover We all heard Trump’s phone calls trying to get people to manipulate vote counts. I’m sure you heard them too. It wasn’t just one phone call and we’ve all heard the recordings. It’s disgusting. Why keep defending the lying loser?

    5. @Daniel Glover The “correction” changed some wording but not the meaning of what was said. Did you even read it? They have the recording of that call now and it doesn’t make Trump look any better. Give it up.

  5. Why does it take one person that is honest to certify an election. This is now revealed so up for corruption its crazy

  6. No democracy in America…….if this disgusting rule is allowed to stand, so blatant, everyone needs to fight this!!

    1. @MRJTV yes but the states still.have to follow the constitution voting is a free speech act and states cannot abridge on that

    2. @Gary Samuels The Georgia Republicans are banking on their long history of being the majority in the state legislature which they will try to continue through gerrymandering. They can’t foresee themselves as ever being in the minority.

    3. Callie Smith what about the voters in Georgia, what about the black and white people standing in line for hours, what about the integrity of a election, if you think it’s a good idea to stand by and let this pass……it will be your district next, it’s called standing up for democracy…….bad things happen when good people do nothing!!

    4. @TL D And the sad thing about it is they are not finished..watch out for more changes if they lost in 22&24.

    5. @Callie Smithgive us all a break … this isn’t “self autonomy” when state legislators are ‘stacking-the-deck’ against the majority voters to cripple them … just be honest, sweetie

  7. The RepubliCons are trying very hard to cheat, and now to make the right to vote impossible! Change the voting system!

    1. By requiring voter ID????
      There’s only one reason democrats don’t want voter id and desperately want mail in voting. If you can’t see it you’re either very low IQ or willfully ignorant.

    2. @Rod Rasberrys all caca 1/3 voted for this clown Trump, and Biden would have smoked Trump even more if it weren’t for Tactical Gerrymandering, Voter suppression, Electoral College, Stacking the Courts, Postal Service, or Colluding with foreign Governments Russia Uk, purging Voter registration. Biden lost about 20 million votes because of the Republicoup cheats

    1. It does appear that way. A coincidence that Myanmar used the same reason as trump’s claims to over throw an elected government? Is this where USA is headed?

  8. Trump’s racism is like COVID: just because he doesn’t admit it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    1. @flowstateofmind so hes racist but he dosent show it so it’s okay lmfao you people really are morons

    2. Hey Hairy Nosepicker,
      Oh, your feefees got hurt by my post. So sorry for you. Love your channel image; is it by an Impressionist? Is it by Monet, titled ‘White non-college educated male’? Or is it abstract, maybe Pollack’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snickers and sincerity;’,. ) @Callie Smith

    3. Hey Hairy Nosepicker,
      Oh, your feefees got hurt by my post. So sorry for you. Love your channel image; is it by an Impressionist? Is it by Monet, titled ‘White non-college educated male’? Or is it abstract, maybe Pollack’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snickers and sincerity;’,. )
      @Joel Rivard

    1. It ain’t over yet. We will prevail. I hope it will be without a Civil War, but if one party tries to disenfranchise the all the people from the other, there will be.

  9. If it had happened , we would no longer be a democracy.
    White supremacy is alive and well in America.
    America how can you tell other nations to clean up their backyards when you’re own is a mess.

    1. Once the justification for interfering in the governments of foreign nations was to share the democratic values of America. Who’d suggest that any other nation would accept the malformed system that the ReTrumplicans have now disgraced the nation’s once extolled democratic emblem?

    2. @LMM, that didn’t seem to help him with election “fraud”. Thomas is the only one corrupt enough to stick his hand in this steaming pile of ——

    3. There was a supreme court ruling last year that said that the states have jurisdiction over elections and that the supreme court won’t interfere.

    1. I don’t disagree or anything but remember how many voted Republican for Trump and how many GOP congressman still support him

    2. Omg you just made my day, some of the comments are so unbelievably stupid. You summed it right up and that is why losing the 2020 election stung so bad because they tried to rig that one almost a year in advance and failed.

    3. @Kelly Wells Oh no. It was LONG before that.
      They raked Hilary over the coals for nearly 4 years via 9 Rep-lead hearings on Benghazi, because of 4 deaths?
      Yet, not one on Trump’s ties to Russia help, Ukraine extortion nor the death of 500,000 Americans?
      The icing on the cake, was Trump getting shellacked! So of course the only thing left for them to do, was “jump the shark.” lol

  10. Any elected official who votes for crap like this and insist on voter suppression tactics to stay in power should be banned from politics at city, state and federal level.

    1. And you throw in as well idiots like the Republicans in Florida who ran a fake 3rd candidate with the same last name as the Democratic candidate in order to split the Democratic vote. The fake guy got 6,000 votes and the Democrat only lost by about 35 votes.

  11. What I find the most outrageous is the legality of bringing someone food or water while they’re standing in line. THAT is beyond ridiculous.

    1. @tom b Another matter is that you shouldn’t havee to wait under the sun for 6 hrs just to cast your ballot.

    2. @Richard Head and there was alittle bit of good in the bill alot of stupid stuff kinda like bidens stimulus package

    3. @Joel Rivard Wow I find your comments almost funny if they weren’t so completely false. You make unfounded comments, when it is people with your mentality that voted for a loser, liar, currupt, sexual predator and then you throw around fake comments trying to justify why your cult leader lost an election that all the little helpers had tried to rig for him. He did not become president on his own, or was president on his own everything was done for him. He lost for no other reason than people were tired of a currupt, pathetic, lying man as president. He lost like he has lost his entire life.

    4. @Joel Rivard Why would we stop all the Trump talk when everything happening is because he couldn’t handle the fact that the election that he and Republicans tried they’re hardest to rig and he still lost. You should learn how to self educate instead of believing every piece of trash media you hear. You might learn about reality. He has made it about himself trump because all his brand is his name.

  12. Kemp doing everything he can to stay in power in Ga. He knows he won’t win fair and clear hence the steal from Abrams!

  13. Well. I guess 2020 wasn’t the big historical event. It was just the warning sign that future history students will read about, and wonder how we ignored it.

    1. @Mortfores Rejerja Thanks for calling me delusional just because you have opinions that you suspect I might disagree with.

    2. The Reichstag is on fire, the Communists did it.
      The Capitol is under attack, antifa did it.
      Looks like your on the same path.

    3. Too bad there won’t be future history students. Civilization has 10-15 years before it outright collapses. Not many history classes will be going on after that.

    4. @Mortfores Rejerja You are the one who is delusional if you believe that 16 year olds voted or can vote under the HR1 bill. You need ID to register. If you are registered, you can vote.
      No mater what excuses you have for it, this is the end of the republic, the end of democracy. With the republican controlled supreme court refusing to step in, the republican controlled states can now overturn every election. Our vote will no longer count. Republican state leaders will pick who wins elections. The entire basis of this republic is the right to vote.
      You’re willing to destroy this country because you don’t like the policies of one administration.

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