Rand Paul says he doesn't need to get vaccinated. Doctor says he's wrong 1

Rand Paul says he doesn’t need to get vaccinated. Doctor says he’s wrong


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says he does not need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 since he already caught the virus. Dr. Jay Varkey, associate professor of medicine at Emory University, explains why Paul's reasoning is incorrect.
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    1. At this point CNN is just a 24/7 Infomercial for this “Vaccine” .
      If it were that great it would sell itself.

  1. If we didnt conduct gain of function research in a lab downtown in a city way bigger than Los Angeles…
    Maybe we wouldnt even be in this situation

    1. Bill Gates and past presidents have done presentations in the past talking about depopulating the earth and warned us their would be a pandemic one day before their was even a pandemic don’t believe me look them up. Now he’s buying large amounts of land in multiple different states etc etc & look into his involvement in all this what does that tell you?

    1. @Peter Parker Who’s weak enough to die off this crap? The elderly spend time at home so we don’t have to worry about them.

    2. @Matt Russillo a transmissible disease that has a VACCINE, go get it if you’re so afraid and leave people alone ADOLF

  2. I’m disappointed that so many of my peers have their heads so extremely far up their butts

    1. @C. Cadon don’t care one way or the other. I take care of myself. Never in my 53 years have I ever ask for anything from anyone other than a job.

    2. @Roguect Garbeled If you’re too scared to be in public, do the rest of society a favor and stay home…

    3. @Arent blacks lovely Dude you aren’t talking to me. I have been vaccinated and I continue to wear my mask in public. I feel safe knowing that I have had my shot and I remain courteous enough to let people know I care about their well-being as well by wearing a mask and social distancing.

  3. This is the worst news I’ve ever tried watching. Why are you trying to tell me how to think instead of reporting the news.

  4. I commend his decision not to get vaccinated. It’s the right choice for him. They say that the immunity from having it is less and doesn’t last as long, so there’s more of a chance that he’ll get it again than there would be if had the vaccine, but I support his decision 100%. There’s a vanishingly small chance he could get it again and die from it – but it’s better than nothing.

  5. Is there some reason this virus is so special that you wouldn’t have immunity after recovering from it?

    1. @Dark Zhiro — the only thing he said that hasn’t happened from it yet is that someone died from it (yet). Otherwise plenty of people have been experiencing strange side effects and you still can spread the virus even if you take the vaccine.

    2. @Dark Zhiro look it up death by covid vac blood clots, or a fully vaccinated spots team still getting con-vid, but I guess your buying the BS

    3. @Davy Sanders 98% survivable is good for me though I think boosting your immune system so you don’t get anything is also helpful.

  6. Here’s the take: Rand Paul received a notification that he had to make a statement The only requirement was that he had to say the word disease. If this were a disease instead of a viral infection at most Rand Paul would have been down there getting 15 inoculations

    1. The only argument he made was that if you have immunity naturally, they are not sure how long the immunity last, but the same thing can be said about people who have been vaccinated, so he could say the same thing about vaccinated people, they should get vaccinated again because we don’t know how long their immunity lasts.

    1. Guess that’s what happens when you fund creating the virus, though you would think he would know a lot about it in that case even have a real anti virus on hand for it. Not a shot with side effects and where you can still get it.

  7. “We are so sure it’s safe that we have demanded to be released from any liability.” Thanks but no thanks.

    1. Released from any liability isn’t that what DJ Trump said ? Republican talking points deny and lie .Your a f***ing congressman Paul help save life

  8. Why does it matter if he gets it. You get it and don’t worry about everyone else. If you get the vaccine why does it matter what other people do? How is this news.

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