Randi Weingarten: Always Thought We Could Reopen Schools With 'Safeguards' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Randi Weingarten: Always Thought We Could Reopen Schools With ‘Safeguards’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss how teachers and students can return to face to face learning. Weingarten says "I've always thought that if we had the safeguards in place and the testing, that we could reopen schools." She also addresses reports that she's a contender for Education Secretary in the Biden administration, saying "When the education transition team called me, I moved heaven and Earth to meet with them." and she will share " Aired on 12/3/2020.
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Randi Weingarten: Always Thought We Could Reopen Schools With 'Safeguards' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Please do not hurry to open the schools. I understand your feelings. But before you decide you should think about what you need to protect kids and teachers. If you have personal protections, installed the barriers, how to keep the distance among kids, … etc. if just one kid or teacher get virus, you will be in big trouble. Think about what needed to protect kids and teachers.

  2. Remember several months ago when we were talking about how to open schools and if they got the funding, they could make it a lot safer to hold classes in person?
    Well, here we are now, with Mitch blocking any funding and the pandemic is spreading worse than ever.
    Thanks for nothing, Mitch. Literally.

    1. @Dementia Joe How many parents and grandparents have died from the Covid their kids infected them with? That is the more important question. You clearly are ignorant of epidemiology.

  3. brilliantly said and explained, ty pres weingarten and ms mitchell. we must start being sensible, and stop cutting off our noses to spite our faces!! #followtheguidelines #takethevaccine

  4. New York City is not a model for reopening. NYC keeps getting sited as a success while the numbers in NYC are skyrocketing and no one knows the cause. The testing being done in NYC schools is inadequate. Testing 10% of a school per month can be done in one day per month. The results tell us nothing. Stop saying NYC is a model. It’s not.

  5. Not safe to do much with the numbers of Covid-19 cases. Too late to do anything else but avoidance. It too bad Trump did nothing except let the virus spread like wild fire. Sad, the enemy is from within this time and nobody holds him responsible. 911 every day looks pretty horrible.

  6. Here in Pittsburgh, the only students who have had in person classes this year are the special needs kids. Today i walked past our elementary school and the parking lot was nearly empty. No in person school for the special needs ones today. I got home and discovered the new COVID cases for our county topped 1000 for the very first time. It’s getting darker and it’s not even winter yet.

  7. This teacher does not know the difference between NATO and OPEC? Sounds like she needs to go back to school. And we are supposed to take her advice on matters of public health and whether or not it is safe for schools to be open?

  8. If your child’s school doesn’t look like these pictures than it isnt just not safe but dangerous. There is no reason schools shouldn’t be doing this. Yet I bet 80% aren’t.

  9. Retired 30yrs of service Special Education Teacher here: I heard Randi Weingarten this morning live. I loved her plan to aid Our Kids.
    I truly think she would make and awesome Secretary of Education.

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