Raphael Warnock Discusses His Run For The Senate In Georgia | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Raphael Warnock Discusses His Run For The Senate In Georgia | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock speaks about his race against Sen. Kelly Loeffler and the upcoming January runoff. Aired on 11/12/2020.
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Raphael Warnock Discusses His Run For The Senate In Georgia | Morning Joe | MSNBC

71 Comments on "Raphael Warnock Discusses His Run For The Senate In Georgia | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Donald Trump is killing our country!!!

    • @Max Riley correct. It’s because it’s a trade mark.

      Thanks for debunking your own BS

    • @Jillian Copeland huh. Can you name him?

    • @Jillian Copeland “democracy is nothing but mob rule where 51 percent of the majority can steal the rights of the minority” Thomas Jefferson

      This is a constitutional republic where individual rights are endowed by our creator. Do you believe in societies needs come before the individual?

    • DeVante Wallace | November 12, 2020 at 12:57 PM | Reply

      @Trump 2024 Stop trolling! And why are you saying “we” like you’re gonna do anything, but cry once Trump is dragged out in handcuffs. And like everyone else on this thread is saying, please provide proof of widespread fraud. News flash, there’s none. Just take the L!

    • @Trump 2024 “‘democracy is nothing but mob rule where 51 percent of the majority can steal the rights of the minority’ Thomas Jefferson” Too bad for you, but Thomas Jefferson never said that.

      The designations “democracy” and “republic” are not mutually exclusive. The United States is both a representative democracy and a constitutional republic.

      Representative democracy: a type of government wherein the citizens vote for representatives to pass laws for them.

      Constitutional republic: a country in which the head of state and other officials are representatives of the people and must govern within an existing constitution.

      The United States is both a democracy and a republic.

      As for the “individual rights endowed by our creator”, that is in the Declaration, which isn’t a legal document like the Constitution. Yes, society’s needs should come before the individual, especially in extraordinary circumstances like a pandemic. To think otherwise is trying to pass off selfishness as patriotism.

  2. We Need People That Work For The Public Not Work For Them Self…Rev For Senate…💯💯💯

  3. Juliette Symonette | November 12, 2020 at 9:12 AM | Reply

    He needs to get the 17 year olds who will be 18 by the last day if registration so they can vote too.

  4. He’s a good guy. Get out there and spread the word Georgia. We need good, non corruptible men in senate.

  5. Trump is the “Shame” of America

    • don’t forget the republicans in the senate, they are still there doing his dirty work

    • Biden or Trump, we are the fools who fair better under the multiple issue president. The single issue of race is a dead or dying issue that will end it all. We have covid 19, our alliances, our pocket books in a soup of global warming with a real deadline, and being misled to procrastination by pointing fingers as the only answer, will end humanity as we know it. That’s the choice and why Biden, not the best choice by far, must prevail.

    • @leila rezazad I’ll never vote for Any repubican again!

    • @Samual Terry The republican party has done a good job coning the American people. Socialism is bad for you but socialism is good for big business. The republicans in office are very happy with their socialist healthcare paid for by you the taxpayer.

  6. BooRock OMamba | November 12, 2020 at 9:19 AM | Reply

    Georgia is flipping to BLUE.
    More RED states will follow.
    America is figuring out that America needs Democrats who will work for the country,
    and NOT Republicans who only work for themselves.

    • Don’t get cocky. We were only lucky that we haven’t lost the state just yet. Of course I’m not even sure if we actually will win Georgia’s senate races after looking at the results as well as voter suppression.

    • Do whole reason why we got Trump is because of the democrats incompetence !

    • joandollie Doyle | November 12, 2020 at 11:59 AM | Reply

      @Justus it’s actually both parties not fully listening that allowed a populist like Trump to exploit people who believed he cared about them and would fight on their behalf.

    • @Justus yes

    • Brando Lafleur | November 12, 2020 at 3:59 PM | Reply

      @David Goldman They have bigger populations than deserted red states and violence has also been happening in republican run cities too!

  7. Warnock is a good leader 👍🏼 for the people, not himself

  8. Michael Ulbricht | November 12, 2020 at 9:22 AM | Reply

    That’s correct Reverend regarding getting rid of healthcare during a Pandemic isn’t a “healthy” strategy, unless you have $500 Million like she does.

  9. Happy that this race is taking place in a state that is warm in January. Get out folks. Vote.

    • The average January high temperature in Atlanta is around 55 degrees.
      But it’s still much warmer there then in northern states.

  10. Voting for Warnock and Ossoff here in ATL … telling all my friends —

  11. Omg finally someone said it.. Its about policies not personalities!

  12. Vote for those who speak truth and not corrupt. Perdue and Loeffler have to go!

  13. I’m so ready to get Warnock and Onssf to fill those senate seats.Together we will make this happen.

  14. VOTE Blue in GA to restore our democracy!!

  15. Conscientious Thinker | November 12, 2020 at 9:43 AM | Reply

    Colin’s has to go , he presented himself in the impeachment process unfit to be senator . He is greedy.

  16. Please get the dems to vote in record numbers, we need Warnock in office!!!! WARNOCK FOR SENATE OFFICE!!!!

  17. Good luck Ralph. Georgia has turned blue

  18. We can’t let Turtle Mitch and Lindsay Graham continue to stand in our way. They don’t want to work with Biden to help us. They care only themselves!

    • leaping kitties | November 12, 2020 at 1:51 PM | Reply

      So disappointed in Kentucky.

    • Me too it must be a lot of rich people in Kentucky and South Carolina because if you’re poor and struggling and you’re supporting these Republicans crooks who are money hungry and love power, but who care less for the poor

  19. I just donated to Dem Georgia race -I’m in California.

  20. Not to mention Loefler and Perdue committed felonies by insider trading.

    • And the bad thing was they just both got slapped on their hands. Nothing has done for their corrupt action from the GOPs.

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