Rapper quits to start cat rescue | Humankind 1

Rapper quits to start cat rescue | Humankind


"I wanted to be a bridge between the animal rescue community and the Black community." Rapper Sterling Davis is living his mission every day.
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Sterling Davis has a mission to trap, neuter, and return feral cats and by spreading awareness through his showmanship and through raps.

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  1. I am genuinely impressed! How can this man receive any negative feedback for what he is doing? He is a saint!

  2. This does my heart good. I do the same Catch and Release program where I live. I didn’t plan it, I just kinda fell into it, too–I was always a “dog person” 🙂

  3. I am so grateful that he found his true calling in life and he’s not ashamed to share it with the world

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