1. Raskin’s opening was brilliant and has tRump’s attorney’s looking foolish. Redumplican’s amateur hour!!!

    1. I totally agree it was bad but he may not care. It’s hard to change people minds. With how it stands Trump won’t get impeached.

    1. @favsplaylist “destruction of our cities all around the US.”

      Give me a fcking break. Please let us know which cities burned to the ground due to BLM? The answer is none. You’ve been propagandized by Fox News & other right wing outlets to believe Bullshit like that. There were some broken windows, businesses & store fronts damaged, etc. THAT ISN’T an entire fcking city bro. I’m sick of that dumb talking point that “OH MY GAWD BLM + ANTIFA BURNED OUR AMERICAN CITIES TO THE GROUND AND DEMOCRATS DIDN’T CONDEMN ANYTHING BLAH BLAH BLAH”

      Absolutely not comparable to what happened at the Capitol.

    2. @favsplaylist prove it. I dare you to try and prove that the election was somehow stolen. Cuz all this has bent adjudicated like 60 times in different courts around the country. Y’all fcking lost fair and square & can’t handle it.

    3. @thenightlifenj1 you know cheated. Thats why Biden didn’t even campaign more bcuzz he knew the plan of the rigged election. So while Trump was campaigning ,Biden was hiding out with the excuse of this pandemic. What I wanna what the fk is he doing about the pandemic now that he is president. I’ll tell you what he’s doing…. NOTHING. NOTHING,,,, just like Trump.

    4. @Dog Poo Fairy Hes been pushing his base agaisnt the narrative of the outcome of the election, so far as to involve courts into it. Even after he was told not to he continued, these were indirective commands to people unable to see directly. His base fed on it and marched the capital, because why else would they, otherwise they would have. Words have power in numbers and if you cant see that then you might make up that kind of people.

    1. You’re a joke, if the Democrats had not spread lies and discontent about a Russian collusion hoax that never Happened, then thousands(not hundreds) of people wouldn’t have torched and destroyed the streets during the 2016 inauguration…but let’s just forget that

  2. Republicans delayed the impeachment until after Trump left office and then argue that the impeachment is unconstitutional because he’s already left office.

    1. @R T
      The issue is trump was spreading lies about a stolen election which has been 100% false from day 1, here in court trumps lawyers admitted the election was cast and trump was voted out without using the term falsely or fraudulently. This whole insurrection happened due to trumps lies about stolen elections which trumps own lawyer admitted during a trial are false claims.

      Im sure you believed his lawyers claims bout not having due process or the right to defend himself. Both stupid claims considering he is trumps lawyer and they are in fact in court.

    2. @Jose Sanchez I live in a red state and we have homeless and gangs and everything you have in California in fact red states in the South are welfare states that blue states have to help support..so what’s your point.

  3. They should’ve added the video of the Trump clan watching the chaos on tv and cheering them on. It was sickening to that.

    1. @Laufvettie I saw the video on twitter too. He took a video of Kimberly Guilfoyle getting giddy over the march on the Capitol. I bet that Don Jr. has already deleted it.

    2. You’re absolutely right. The case is already compelling, but showing trump having the time of his life as the chaos unfolded, would have made an even more compelling case.

    3. Although I dislike trump and all he stands for…in the name of truth… That footage shown was not actually from that day. But I’m sure he was having a blast anyway.

    1. It’s as if the adults have returned into room and all the little children have to pack up their crayons and their toys because class is now in session. Such is what happened when Biden/Harris & the Dems won back the WH & Congress. What a relief!

    1. right? As if trump supporters never rioted before. Idiots protesting a quarantine just to get a haircut, even those trump boys in minnesotta bringing guns to intimidate law makers, etc. Oh the privellage.

  4. This cannot be stressed enough: the future of our Democracy is a stake. We cannot allow this to become the way of the future.

    1. @da324, well as far as I can see you admire no forms of governance that exists to date then, perhaps I’ve had a most fortunate life as I’ve not experienced a government forcing me to act in a manner against my basic moral code nor have my family as far as I know the rules governing me are reasonable and acceptable that’s not to say the polices always are admired but that’s what a Democracy is. At least every so many years one gets to register their preference even if the majority don’t think as you do, that’s a democracy at work. At least we serve no goal term for dissent as long as it’s peaceful and does no harm, that’s a democratic freedom I’d like to preserve, I hope you find your utopia somewhere in this world.

    2. @da324 If it is my will to drive my 6 ton truck at 60 miles an hour over a junction where cyclists and pedestrians are crossing, would a red light telling me to stop and wait for a minute constitute a force to do something against my will?
      I actually sympathise with your notion of absolute individual liberty but I care to argue that that freedom must come with a very high principle of personal responsibility. As long as I’am not convinced (and I’m not) that all participants in traffic are capable of such responsibility at all times I actually think a traffic light in fact is a very good idea, for the sake of our children. You might even agree.
      Does the fact that this traffic light is enforced upon us make it a bad idea?
      Will the doing away with any form of governement not render us subject to the possible force of unnumerable amounts of individuals against our will, our interests, or the safety of our children?
      I consider freedom as the greatest good and an absolute requirement for human progress and wellbeing. Absolute freedom for all however, needs an enlightened populus for it to be a force of good for a society as a whole. Democracy to me appears to be the most suitable political system for any society that still wrestles with these principles. As I do, to be honest. Any thoughts? Peace.

    3. @Gymnastics101 You’ve been conditioned well. You’re taxed 6 ways to Sunday and still think it’s okay, when in reality, it’s theft. Your tax dollars fund immoral wars started on lies. Your income is taxed, your goods are taxed, when you can save up to buy a house the property taxes assure that you’ll never own it, you merely rent it. If you invest you get taxed later on that. And, after you die, the people you leave your life’s work to get an inheritance tax. That’s how governments operate, they always make you think it’s for the better good of mankind, when in fact, you’re merely helping the owners of this country and their puppets (politicians) live like kings off of your sweat.

    4. @Leonie Romanes Actually, there are people who do that and live quite well. However, I’d like all of mankind to live free. Modern isn’t really modern, it’s antiquated and benefits the elite at our expense. Google Voluntarism. There’s always a better way.

  5. Raskin’s son died by suicide only 5 weeks ago.Grieving the loss of his son, but standing up to do the right thing.

    1. @Daniel Thomas No. No, you’re not. You are a paid troll whose goal is to destroy our democracy while earning a few rubles. Get lost, Boris.

    2. @bryan bui you sound like your threatening an elected official. I’ll pass your info on to the FBI, they are actively hunting people like you.

    3. @Daniel Thomas STFU you troll. My God, don’t you just love dragging a man who buried his son days before the Riot, going through the ordeal facing possible death by a mob and now brilliantly prosecuting the man that incited that horror and that’s where your brain went. His son, BTW, was a much loved young man and you don’t know a damn thing about him. Keep digging your hole, seems there’s no bottom. You have lost your humanity.

  6. Imagine being so devoid of intellect that you actually believe Donald trump that the election was somehow only stolen in the swing states Trump lost

    1. @Geee Jjjj , ok then prove your case on this 2020 voter fraud that you like to impose….do you have evidence as you claim to be despite the fact that it has been said and proven that this 2020 have the least fraud, its not because there is not judge willing to stick his neck out, it is because evidence of fraud cannot be provided, judges heard the case they did stuck their necks out but will you judge and decide based on lack of evidence? duhhhh….now the point here is Trump minions are just pointing out on those key states, for obvious reason he lost those states…they had even made manual count on those states with the presence of republicans and yet the outcome is still the same, Trump lost…..so keep shouting fraud still? that only means stupidity reigns beyond truth

    2. Now I see how Hitler got all those people to go along with him. Many sounded the alarm. But unfortunately, they had a Ministry of Propaganda much like CNN, and people like you folks to call the harbingers crazy conspiracy theory nuts. You people are exactly like those who followed Hitler.

    3. Hatebook and Twitter are businesses.It’s not like a human right to be able to post. on FB or Twitter. They have a right to set their terms of svc. You can’t say whatever you want without consequences.Trump has made weaving government control over things making it normal under the guise of ” protecting Americans”. What a load of crock. And the supporters cheer him on. What’s next. The president decides he doesn’t like Dunkin Donuts coffee so he orders the chain shuttered over ” national security issues”.

  7. Are you watching this, Senators?
    We are. The citizens who elected you and who you represent.
    Beyond that, the people of other countries. We’re watching America and we’re watching you.

    1. @Mary Monroy 24 republicans up for re election in 2022 in the senate. let your voice be heard and vote them all out

  8. I’m Canadian and that video had me choking up. Hard to watch.

    Also, Raskin is a phenomenal human being.

    1. I hear you all the way in Australia mate. Funny that we worry about a superpower that doesn’t care about us. Maybe cos we live in earth not planet merica.Much love and never mind the bs comments by bot.

  9. How sorrowful to see this house has witnessed. The trauma they experienced will be everlasting. Rep. Raskin, I’m so sorry. God is with you

  10. Every single one of the violent protesters, the ones who physically assaulted any Capitol police officer should be thrown in prison until they stop breathing. They are traitors, every single one of them.

    1. @SoTex Mex when somebody rattles you up and you bout to fight them, do you wait till he says punch me or do you know when its go time? We all know he knew he had them rattled up…he blew the duck call and bam, the ducks attacked…

    1. This is really not a legal proceeding. It is political at its core with procedures based on our court system.
      It is what the writers of the constitution decided the law to be. It has rarely come to this because even lack luster presidents of the past never were this corrupt and stupid.
      So, this is what we are left with. I truly hope there are prosecutors lined up and coordinating, just waiting for this mess to be over so they can get down to the real legal prosecutions of this horrible piece of sh**, trump.

    2. Impeachment is for removal from office. If they wanted to convict him they should do it in a court of law. They didn’t tho because they probably have just as much refutable proof as they did in the first phony impeachment – none!

  11. “Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.” John Adams

  12. He said when you catch somebody in a fraud you’re allowed to go by different rules. He implied they wouldn’t be committing a crime. Endorsement and encouragement, incitement. Do what you have to do he also said. Put him in jail.

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