RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki’s testimony at N.S. mass casualty commission | FULL

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki testifies at the Nova Scotia mass casualty commission.

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    1. Happens all the time, I’ve personally seen an officer at the range with another officer, both in uniform, taking the other through the steps of aiming and firing a pistol.

  1. Sure, she wanted this info to be made public… why? There’s a reason that Supt Campbell kept details under wraps so that it wouldn’t compromise the investigation. As a police officer herself, she should know that.

  2. Can’t take this Woman serious. She is not a leader. Its like she is at dinner party talking to her girlfriend’s

  3. Get back to the Basics!
    Protect and Defend!
    Uphold the Rule of Law!
    Adhérent to the Canadian Bill of Rights and Freedoms!

    1. Considering that when Trudeau appointed her to the position there were several senior above her, more experienced, and longer in tenure – I doubt very much she needs to be concerned about losing her position…

  4. well till we overthrow the government we need to see more of this but focused on government employees?

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