Reaction from a Member of Controversial Church | TVJ News – Oct 18 2021

Reaction from a Member of Controversial Church | TVJ News - Oct 18 2021 1


  1. I’m sure this wasn’t the first ritual performed there. Don’t they think their cult leader was a little bizzare with some of his so called sermons…these people are also weird…this member doesn’t sound very convincing…..unfortunately,
    too many Jamaicans are brain washed by so called pastors…and a lot of them think pastor is so funny and holy when they behave bizarre speaking in unfamiliar tongue…stupidest thing ever…

    1. I heard a sermon he said yuh mumma go pon yuh daddy and yuh daddy guh pon yuh mumma bit you naw guh pon me. What was he trying to say?

    1. Dats, the same thing I’m thinking. I saw another news report, where they said she begged passersby to make phone call, and she was calling other people, not the police. Dem too gullible and fallow-fashion. Evyting, wey mi see from Sir Excellency, Cult-Gad, Screamed, CULT, and a Sociopathic Manipulator.

    2. They are covering up alot for this man because of sweets they were getting .they knew sacrifice was going to happen but they just didn’t know it was human because the news say animals was dere too…he have them so controlled that they not gonna let em down

    3. @Star Girldee There’s a lot that will be made know, of all the goings on in that cult. But, the Police already let most of the Women go, so who knows what will happen next. That cult Leader was friendly with a lot of Politrickians and Police officials. Who knows if they knew wha did Really a Gwaan Inside The Cult? SMH 🤷🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  2. I came across a video where this man was talking about future disaster and an ark to take people to safety. Immediately I stopped watching because from the days of the flood when only 8 people including Noah, animals and birds we’re saved; there’s no more arks. People basically don’t know/understand their Bible for themselves and that’s why they get brainwashed by all kinds “psychos”. It’s very sad, I feel for those who lost their lives and offer my deepest sympathies to family members. I pray for all the others who must be traumatized, this must be the most bizarre occurrence but this man’s theatrics were quite outlandish to say the least.

  3. If she didn’t see the signs, its obvious she n the others were blind. Their focus was on the man n not God. Most of these church members can’t make a decision or form an opinion about anything unless pastor say so. ‘It’s always pastor say……’

    1. Wondering how much of those women have kidz for him since he was so controlling…haha God u sit high an look low

  4. Phone that we love so much and USE to keep in touch with our family and friends REALLY… LOOK AT HIS SO CALL SERMONS ..RED FLAGS AND THERE WAS SO MANY MORE …EYES BUT BLIND EARS BUT DEAF…SMH

    1. Same thing I’m thinking. She sounds like she just talking about the weather or something and not a horrendous murder that she personally witnessed. I just feel like she knows much, much more than she’s sharing.

  5. I find it hard to believe that there was no indication of their intentions through out those years that story seem too full of holes .They don’t even love their children. How could they with what seemingly has been happening for so long.

    1. If someone hungry had asked one of the members for money to buy chickenback and flour you bet he wouldn’t get it instead the cult leader would.

  6. Lesson to everyone about these upcoming churches. People need to read and understand their bibles about false prophets. Most of them are in it for money not for getting souls saved. That’s why I stick to the traditional church with one old pastor

  7. How blind can these people be, God promise never to bring another Noah flood in the land and place a 🌈 there to seal that promise. But uno believe pastor who tell uno fe come pon ark? Revelation tells us, the unbelievers shall go to hell.

  8. I have been to his church once for a wedding and the first time I saw him i knew something was wrong. Nobody was able to walk on stairs he walked on. The congregation literally treats him like a God. They bow to him like he is their God. He is filthy rich that’s why he can afford to give his congregants money and that’s the reason why he had alot of people attending his church. They all are wicked sorcerers. I am not sorry for none of them, they all knew of what they were doing. Too many signs and red flags but they refused to see the signs because of what they could get from him

  9. It’s easy to ketch licky , lickey people.. I’m sure there was many many signs . But they was so caught up in his BS ..


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