Reggae Boyz Team Selection | TVJ Sports Commentary – June 7 2021

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  1. That could never be a good thing for a country when the majority of the team is born over seas, what’s the message you are sending to local players who are working hard to make a national team and can’t make the team,

    1. @siyan hall Well said. Real football fans want to see real pros against real pros. This could never be said better. I can’t understand why people want to sacrifice good football for nativity. This makes no sense. and the people who are talking, they have absolutely no idea who these overseas players are. because if they do. they would clearly see that they are way more technical than what we currently have from home and playing at high levels. time to dominate Concacaf and these players are the solution to that.

    2. it means they need to step up there game every country in region bring in players all over what can help them teams u worry about your family an friends that not going to be playing that why our football is trash why we don’t see the benefits more better players coming in the team it going to make local players work harder an more opportunities will come to them playing over seas

    3. People who think negative is people who live in Jamaica an they can’t see the big picture they just worried about they corner league Balla friends an family

  2. We have been trying with the local players for years and only a few have made the transition to the national team. Right now we have a good balance of players playing all over the world so lets grab this opportunity with both hands and put the best 23 man roster together and win the world cup..

    1. Love the thought. Don’t know why some uninformed Jamaicans have problem with the English players joining the teams to better our overall performance. Look at what Suriname and Curacao doing then look at the result they are getting. And most other great football nations accept players from wherever based on their talent and not on where they were born (Raheem Sterlin for England). Once they eligible to play and they do better than what we have then bring all of them in. We here to win (away with favoritism). tired of been kicked around by USA, Mexico and Costa Rica.

    2. @Alpha Walker real talk the most important thing is to get the job done I don’t care were the players dem coming from .

    1. Phil my G, oral not talking about Local BASED players like topey, he is talking about Local BORN players who play oversees like Shamar Nicholson

  3. Firstly Local based players shouldn’t even be in this team due to lack of playing time. Secondly local players aren’t good enough if they were, they wouldn’t be playing in the redstripe premier league. Time and time again we’ve sent some of our best local talent overseas on trials so they can get a chance to play in some of the largest teams in the world however they just did not make the cut so it simply means local players don’t have what it takes as yet. We should be thankful for all the english rejects we can get

  4. Good problem to have. bring in all the ballas dem!! England, Japan, Germany, or Timbucktoo. Once them a big balla we need them. Thats what we promoting. Jamaica is evolving right now. Talent we say.

  5. Imagine getting all the England squad rejects then now have to play England πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Local players not good enough no bias, in order to to be successful we need overseas base players playing at the highest level

  7. 1998 France team gave the blueprint in using naturalized citizens and foreign born players to build their team. Bring in the best Ballas; competition makes quality better.

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